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Skins F-Extreme RLR Red Lion Racning Livery 2016-04-02

Formula Extreme 2016

  1. Looks fairly good, just a few things that I've noticed:

    1. The stripes on the side are too thick.
    2. The TAG Heuer logo you're using is the old one. Also the AT&T Logo on the rear wing endplate looks like it might be the old one aswell.
    3.You've forgotten the Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin logos on the car (Aston Martin is on the nose and by the Siemens logo also)
    4. There's something up with the Top Flap on the rear wing, at least in the showroom, some shading issue or something.
  2. no chance to put real name of your skin like?

    F-Extreme RedBull Racing 2016
  3. Its for the better that the title shouldnt change to that.
  4. the team the skin replace isnt so important beware the skin itself.... we download the skin not the place he will go.

    I mean, ok actually we know its Redbull, in few month, a new member will try to find those 2016 skin, and he wont because its not in the title
  5. Have you not been around recently? There is copyright issues with mods being stripped left right and centre off the internet because of scare tactics from fom I think it is.
  6. sincerely its useless to do, if FIA want to be silly, RD is not protect just only with all past mod on old game already maded.... so at this point, a article came out about only one website get ban to post any F1 product....
  7. Hi @Davidson Silva,

    can u fix pls. the rear wing "shadow" bug in all your skins ? Its the last thing to do to make your skins perfect.