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Eyefinity problem.

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Chris Wuyts, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Hey,

    Just got my 3screens in today and hooked em all up (3xDVI with active adapter).

    Everything seams to work appart from race 07? I quickly tried a FPS game eyefinity worked, same for desktop and all that seams to be in order.

    But when i go into race 07 only the center screen actually displays something? I can go to the black side sceens and see the mouse cursor on them but i dont actually get anything else on em. From what i can see of the dash in the center screen the game is expecting the other screens to be there as it went to 55fov without me setting it.

    Any know what i missed or what i could have done wrong?

    Edit:just checked in GT legends and that one works? :o
  2. Pritch


    try alt tabbing in and out of the game when its running may fix it
  3. He's fixed it, we bullied him all night by driving alongside and blaming any contact on Mr Eyefinity. :D
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  4. LOL kyle :p

    But yeah i fixed it somehow... not sure how did a couple of things and suddenly i had a working setup. Geus it is still a bit hit and miss using eyefinity?

    Looks great though love it already :D
    Need to finetune it a little more with bezel compensation and setting the screen up propperly though ;)