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Extra Handbrake Options ?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Warren Dawes, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. I'd like to increase the realism of my Rally driving, so looking for any suggestions for adding a separate handbrake with my G25.
    Currently I use the shifter in sequential mode for the handbrake and the paddles for gear change. That is probably a reasonable sense of realism for the modern WRC cars, but I'd love to be able to use the H Shifter for gear changing for older cars, and still have a realistic handbrake. It feels totally unrealistic to use a button for the handbrake to me, maybe one of the paddles is best but still doesn't feel like a handbrake.
    I've seen other drivers using an extra handbrake, but I think they must be specially wired into the Controller. I don't think it is possible to use two separate controllers in RBR, I did a quick test with a joystick plugged into an extra USB slot, but only one controller was recognised in the game.

    Does anyone know of a relatively easy way around this, I'm not keen on trying to modify my G25 myself?
  2. Tomas Reinicke

    Tomas Reinicke
    Premium Member

    Hi Warren, it's possible with 2 controller in RBR.
    I have a loadcell brake connected to a Bodnar box and windows sees it as 2 controllers and it works inside RBR.
    I connected a joystick and even that (3rd controller) was recognised by RBR.
  3. i am using also the sequential shifter as handbrake

    or you can make home H-shifter like here
    :D then you can stay with your current handbrake :)
  4. So it does, thanks Tomas. I just didn't set up the joystick correctly when I first tried it. Now it recognises the joystick, as well as the G25.
    The joystick isn't really suitable since it stays on when at rest, maybe that can be dialed out somehow?
    Now all I need to do is to find a suitable handbrake controller with a USB port.

    Wow, that is a very nice looking H-Shifter.
  5. Personally I adore the chillicoke method of solving the hanbrake issue :)
  6. If you guys are interested, I can help you make a REAL hand brake? Either a real 'normal' floor mounted like ina reg car or a long lever type as used in most wrc cars etc, not too expensive or that difficult really tbh.

    Let me know or better start a thread in the sim race h/w forum and I will get started if there any takers :)
  7. I'd be very interested, and looking for an upright Rally style one.
  8. No Probs mate :) we can do that, might be 3 or 4 methods to suit cost/tools available/price/realism, that way should be able to come up with solutions for all :)

    Top end would be a usb controlled loadcell jobbie, ultra realistic in use and feel, bottom end would be a simple 'pot' system, with spring tension (or multiple springs for real feel) and a rubber stop. Lots of options :)
  9. I would be as well, wrc style
  10. okies, why me thinks this might be a popular mod in this forum looooool :)

    You guys should have visited me forum :)
  11. The thread certainly would be better housed in the HW forum for sure.
  12. +1 Oh mighty Sage :O
  13. Yep!. Of course the handbrake is far more important in RBR than most other Simracing games.
    Maybe one of the Admins or Supermods could move this thread to the Hardware Forum then, but leave a link here?
  14. I would definitely be interested in one of these rally style handbrakes using a load cell and connecting via USB. There already is momentum for a handbrake utilising existing components from Fanatec Club Sport parts and you can see the design and development at this link

    For realism I think it has to have a load cell as using the potentiometer just doesn't give you the same feeling we get in our real rally car where as when I used the clutch pedal as a test it seemed much more realistic and worked more accurately than using the sequential shifter.
    Cheers Alastair
  15. jesus I want also :D
  16. Yep, count me in. But can you make one that can be changed from standed horizontal to vertical? We have MANY different cars to use.
  17. Okie Dokie :)

    A general consensus seems to be a positive YES! Right, this thread needs to go to the Sim Racing Hardware Forum really (as he shouts 'Super...Mod').

    Need you guys to give me some ideas of skill levels, who can solder? who has tools/ability to cut steel alloy.....or even wood. Budgets... whats the max you wanna spend? Features you want? Another idea is job sharing, if one of the aussie guys can solder, would he consider soldering up for any of the other aussie guys who cant (just cost them the postage then). Obviously this works for any group of guys within reasionable postage distance of each other, not just Warren and his mates lol..........just an idea. Anyone draw with CAD? so we can do some plans for everyone? you get the idea :)

    I'm happy to help design and give advice as much as I can, so be nice if this could be an RDRC 'Project' and make it a team effort and help each other out as much as poss and keep the cost down......... open to any n all ideas suggestions lol.

    The more input from you guys, the better the H/Brake will be :)
  18. I'll bet we all want varying levels of complexity and appearance.

    I'm not too fussy, I was mainly just interested in a second controller, something like a simple upright lever (like the WRC cars), that feels more solid than the g25 shifter, and has some feel of resistance when pulled back. The idea of a load cell sounds great, but I'm not experienced enough to be able to comment though. If it doesn't add too much to the cost or complexity, I'd go for that for sure.
    I really want something I can grab hold of and give it a bit of a yank and feel like a handbrake. I don't have a cockpit (just a desktop setup), so I wouldn't want it to take up too much real estate on my desk. Preferably no larger than my g25 shifter in area, and able to be clamped beside the Shifter.
    A separate USB connection too, I don't want to be modifying my G25 if possible.

    Price: fairly flexible depending on durability and quality, but preferably less than $200Aus.
    I'm not into metal cutting or soldering, but can work with wood if needed.

    That's my lot, but I bet my needs are different to others. :wink:
  19. +1 to that :)
  20. Unfortunately my talents are limited to the ideas side of things I have no practical skills in fabricating anything like this. I would be happy to pay up to around $200 for one maybe a little more, but for me it has to have a load cell or it is a non sale as the potentiometer just isn't realistic enough.

    Cheers Al