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Exporting tracks to RBR

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Zack Litchfield, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. I have no idea where the tracks I have exported from BTB into RBR go. It looks like all the files are there, but once I start RBR there isn't anyplace to select my tracks. I've updated to 1.02, and put the folders from RBR/Support into RBR.

  2. Track location when you export from BTB C:\Program Files\SCi Games\Richard Burns Rally\RX_CONTENT\Tracks
    In game you go Options - Plugins - RBR_RX - select your track
  3. When I go into options there is no Plugins part. Just to double check here is what I have done:

    Copied all the required folders from RBR/Support into the RBR main folder
    Updated to patch 1.02
    Exported the track from BTB into RBR and verified it showed up in the RX_Content/Tracks folder

    Am I missing something else?
  4. Do you have Plugins folder with rbr_rx.dll inside?
  5. yes and the other dll file is in the main folder
  6. Try to install everything again. Install patch 1.02 before you install plugin. Im out of ideas :)
  7. Could I play my own tracks from BTB in RBR without Plugin (rbr_rx.dll)?
  8. No. Not without converting them to original RBR format