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Export to directx error and 3ds max question

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by delu77, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Hi mates,
    sorry I haven't here my track but is there a well-known method to export to directx?
    I have a track divided in 2 materials and the terrain is splitted in about 20 parts.
    have I to merge the terrain before exporting?
    I have an error during exporting...

    And, little bit O.T.....where I can find a directx importer for 3ds max 9 (2008)?

    Thanks a lot,
  2. hello,

    maybe i can help, plankgas had a similar problem, maybe the same as you

    I know only one X file importer (Xporter), but we work with 3dsmax2008 and it works only sometimes . I can send to you per email, but maybe it dosn´t works.
    The original link is death (http://mofo.pns.to/wibs/#5)

  3. Thanks Lamda. Which is Plankglass error?
    Now I have Xporter (http://www.kwxport.org/), and this evening I will try to import my track (else if I guess which is BTB export error).
    There are no problem if the importing process will import only meshes, cause I have to remap all the textures in only one file....

    Hope it works mate!!!
    Keep in touch!
    Thanks a lot,
  4. ahhh, ok i misunderstand. you not export from 3dsmax. I remember me, that export from btb endet in hung up of it. We don´t use the direct way with direct X form. We export it first to 3DsimED and than to 3dsmax. 3dsimed have a big mistake, it can handle only 8.3 data names. it is longer it saves with some cryptic numerary. 3dsmax can not find it.

    You will create a track in the original form of RBR ? If you have questions ask, we test a half year btb, 3dsmax and the exports. I think we know all to do that (and we do that). If you have some questions to 3dsmax, for example creating objects, retexturing or so on, i´m the right man for that.

    for export we use Panda, kw export is often crash during export. Panda makes no problem and is actual supported.

  5. Yep, my idea is to pass the project from btb to 3dsmax, then to wallaby and use as original rbr format.
    I have tested some months ago the exporting from btb to rf, loading the track with 3dsimed and exporting as 3ds.
    It should be tricky, but no problems cause I have to remap all the textures.
    My only worry is about exporting from BTB the objects.....will 3ds max import them? I have a guide on how to import track and terrain and join the meshes, but what about walls, objects and sobjects?
    This evening I will know the answer! :sidefrown:

    Keep in touch mate and thanks a lot for your help, it will be surely used! :smile-big:
  6. A little OT but LAMDA...you are the genious from German Garage!!
    A big surprise for me, hope we can work together for both my projects (check my signature)
    Thanks mate!