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Export problems "devide by 0 (zero)"

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by riks, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys, i need your help..

    Im trying to export my track (city circuit with many objects with own material) but it says "can´t export, tried to divide by 0 (zero)" :mad:

    I had older version of btb before and I could export but it crashed at the half while loading the track.. with the newest version i cant export.

    what could be the problem? some material or object conflict? Or could it be that there are too many objects?

    i would appreciate some help soon, that i can work again :smile:

    greets Riks

    p.S. for all those interested: the track will be "Helsinki Thunder Street Circuit" run with DTM/ITC cars in 1996 :wink:
  2. Save you project under some other name and start removing things (terrain, objects, sobjects, walls etc.) and try to export every time. When you find the problem you can easily fix it in your original project and continue your work.
  3. good idea thanks.. but i found already the problem.. it was a problem with the crowd in the Great Britain xpack.. was suddently in a thin line.. very strange.. but thanks
  4. oh sorry.. i mean the crowd in ennis_objects xpack..