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Export from 3ds Max problem

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by markfaz, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Hello everyone..

    I'm loving the concept of X-Packs, and I'm trying to make some of my own..
    My problem has to do with the scale of my objects.
    Everything I model in Max appears in BTB way too big.
    Which units should I use in Max, to have my models import to BTB at the correct scale?
    I've fiddled with the unit settings in Max..
    I've used the Scale on Import in X-Packer, but would rather have the objects import as is..
    Maybe I'm missing something?

  2. Ive had similar problems too.
    Try scaling your objects by .254 in xpacker.
    It's the conversion from Imperial to Metric.
    I've found it works almost every time.
  3. Did you use unit inch for model in 3dsmax? I´m not shure, but maybe BTB works only with metric dimensions.

  4. Wow.. very quick replies!

    I'm using metric units in Max.. although since I posted, I've noticed that there are 'System Units' in Max as well.. shall have to look a little deeper.
    I'll experiment a bit more, and try Eric's suggestion..

    Thank you both.
  5. Hi All! I need a help!

    I trying to make a track, and i finished the racing line, and the walls and pit etc., and i'd like to use some collada modells on my track. (these collada modells i download from google earth) Some models are wrong, but i found some models that are good and i import to BTB and when i finished i export to the rFactor, the BTB wrote "Complete" but when i started the rFactor and i load my track, but something is wrong. I got two messages: gMotor2 Error "Error loading texture texture1 for material roada459 and after "Error loading global material roada459". But i haven't got the roada459, i don't know what's this.
    My track is working before i used the collada model, but after isn't working.


  6. Tommy, make sure the textures for the Collada model, have dimensions to the power of 2 eg 256x256/1024x1024 anything up to 4096x4096 should work. Also, they dont have to be the same eg 128x1024/256x64 will work, as long as each side is to the power of 2. I found most of the Google Earth models needed editing to achieve this.
  7. Tommy,
    You should start a separate topic for your problem, so that things don't get confused for others in the future..
  8. normally the track units is metre because the physics are usually done in standard units but the unit is actually generic, if you make a 10x10x10 box in max it should be exported as such no matter the units, unless the exporter itself decides to scale it for whatever reason.

    the best way is to use the "Generic Units" in max options to avoid rescaling.
  9. Thanks Andrew! I try it.
  10. All right! sorry
  11. Thanks for the reply jharro
    I'll try using Generic Units and see how I go..
  12. No Probs Tommy!
  13. Jharro,
    So far so good.
    I just made a 10x10x10 box with generic units, and after importing to BTB,
    it spanned the track perfectly. (the default trackwidth is 10m as far as i can tell)
    You seemed to have solved my problem,
    Many thanks!! :)