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Expert mode - am I ready for it?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by ozzie8, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. Hi there, my first post. I enjoy playing this game, in fact I don't play any other game at all. I thought I would go for 100% in terms of PS3 trophies.

    How hard is expert mode? I am playing with Lotus in 1st season, I got pole position in every race, won all except Catalunya and Singapore.

    I won the championship already, signed up with RBR Renault for season 2. but I am sort of in dilemma. Hard is too easy, but I am a bit scared that expert will be requiring perfect setup and laps in qualifying. If you are wondering how good/bad I am, I can set 1:55:9xx in Bahrain and 1:26:9xx in Sakhir (I think) with Lotus in qualifying.

    Any advice?
  2. If your getting poles in nearly every race (which i find difficult to believe) then you definitely need to up it to expert, although saying that it isnt that hard to get poles on every race on hard.

    I would suggest expert plus the ai pack or super ai mod.
  3. I play on PS3 lol. I used to play on expert on different account as Ferrari, I found I was always 2-3 seconds off the pace in qualifying on first few circuits, actual race I was quite competitive. But then I think my skills are improved due to practice and better knowledge of circuits as I play more.
  4. Not really hard in a ferrari :)

    But yeah practice is key but if you dont mind posting a video for lumpur id appreciate it haha, them s2/3 corners are the death of me.
  5. So, tried few races. I find that I have to turn on traction control to medium for qualifying... otherwise the controls and lap times are horrible.

    Bahrain - 1st, Melbourne - 1st, Malaysia - 2nd, China - 1st, Catalunya - well I was about 2.5 seconds off the pace, chose to take out all my rivals - managed to take out Alonso, Hamilton, Button, Vettel and Rosberg lol

    If I can sort out qualifying.. then I think I can do well in race.
  6. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Catalunya has serious issues with the AI being too fast.
    Bahrain - 5th.
    Melbourne - 7th
    Malaysia - 1st
    China - 1st
    Catalunya - 11th

    Then a few more podiums, I'm on Hockenheim now. Let's just hope Lotus won't do a Ferrari in the race.
    So...Jarno is faster than you.....
  7. ozzie8 are your tire and fuel sim ON??
  8. Yeah they are all on, all but traction controls are off.
  9. try turning TCS off... make as realistic as possible..
  10. I think I am getting used to it now... I can put throttle earlier without spinning.

    Shame I am playing on PS3 that I can't get any patches to some stupid things e.g. Catalunya AI.

    Now I need to get used to tyre sim. The thing with pitstops is, due to glitch still being existing, I need to pit one lap early or late in 20% races. Either way I lose the lead because doing so is a huge disadvantage to me.
  11. I hope this explains why I'm 5 seconds slower than my team mate Bruno.
    I'M playing on expert with the A.I. on legend, no driver assists. I'm not spinning off the track or anything like that . I can drive the track ,if I know it, and stay on the racing line but man am I slow.
    I've just started playing this game and it is demoralizing when I always qualify 24th and in the race I here my engineer say that "Bruno is 5 seconds a lap faster than you" and then there's the blue flags. It's hard to keep racing pace after the engineer tells me " you need to let the car behind you pass, you're not racing him".
  12. I am currently playing with all assists off, all simulations off but professional difficulty. In practice I am not as motivated, finishing quite badly, but in qualifying I finish 5-6th, if there is weather luck I can get pole position (Turkey, Spa, Monza) which I have all won.

    In the race though, I find myself around 1 seconds slower than everyone else, so after pits it is always me getting behind other cars that I was leading until pit stop, and after that there is a pack of 10 cars so close together running behind me, and I am trailing the top 5-6 cars by like a minute at the end of 20% distance race.

    I am really desperate to move to Force India, I have 17.5 reputation at the moment, I hope there is some wet races so I can take advantage of weak AI in wet racing.
  13. ALERT ALERT ALERT, Do not go to Force India that is the only team still with the pit bug and it was made worse with the patch (but not game breaking according to CM, you have 11 other teams to choose form, pfft). So avoid FI re-sign with your old team if you have too but DO NOT go to FI you WILL regret it.
  14. Is it better to go to Sauber or Toro Rosso if they make a new contract, or stay with Lotus? At the moment I just am helpless watching other cars passing me on long straights, and I thought FI had a very decent car.

    edit: At Brazil Lotus chose to ditch me as I repeatedly refused their contract offers (No way I was ever going to sign them up again). Only Sauber and HRT had white pies (others had grey) so chose to sign with Sauber. Hope it was a good choice.
  15. I'm also new to Expert mode, I agree that Hard mode was way too easy. However, I found that Expert is brutally difficult without mods so I grabbed the RDDev True AI mod; David's Tweaked AI and the Super AI pack are also good. Don't know if I need the slow corner fix mod yet...

    Practice and setups are really important if I want a good qualifying lap (could get pole no problem on Hard). It seems more realistic that I'm not doing so well in the 1st season with Virgin. We all know Virgin, HRT and Lotus did not have great cars for 2010, so it makes sense that the Ferrari's, McLaren's etc. will pass me.

    Sauber was a good choice btw
  16. Davids Tweaked AI is GOOD :)
  17. does davids tweeky AI cause any online issues ?
  18. Yes Chris all AI files will stop online play if altered but it is just a simple task of replacing the original's and you are good to go. AI, database, altered AI track files and surface material's if altered will not let you play online. Skin's, lighting and weather mods are okay and you can play online with them installed (caveat as far as I am aware).

    Thanks for the accolade Fahad, but forget my old AI they were baby steps (thank you TAI v1 for all you taught me) you want to race my new ones muwhahaha, just a few things to finalise with the AI.
  19. What about the Frustration patch? Will having that installed prevent me from going online?
  20. Yes ! anything that alters the database will stop online play. As stated above.