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Misc Experimental physical - F1 2016 1.5

physical, Cams, improvements

  1. vlasovas submitted a new resource:

    Experimental physical - F1 2016 - physical, Cams, improvements

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  2. is it multiplayer compatible?
  3. So this is the camera and track mod with different force feedback?
    Just trying to understand better the 'physical' mod
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  4. well he has a track soil behavior different, you feel the track undulations, until in the replay, you notice the car shaking more like real life, to go on the grass your speed is reduced, and you lose time if you are not careful from touching with two or one wheel on the grass you can lose control of the car, and go to the other wall, there are larger bumps to cross the grass, and gravel, also expanded the feeling curves in passing by the limitations of colorful stripes, more or less as it was in 2013
    I do not know if you use the physical term, was a hit, it's track sensation

    I believe that if you can use in multiplayer you'll be at a disadvantage because waste time on the grass and etc, as I do not play online do not know say, would only be fair if all players use
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  5. Looks terrific, but since the 1.7.0 patch I'm just getting a black screen with this installed. I'd definitely use this mod if you could fix it.
  6. Same here. 1.70 patch, this mod, black screen. Tried uninstalling this mod, yet black screen remains:(
  7. Verify your files in Steam, game should work again after that.
  8. I had the same problem here, and already repaired however need a little time to put the fix on all packages
  9. Sounds really awesome :D
  10. Get Update 1.1
  11. Simply amazing !!
  12. The physics feedback is really interesting, but I'm always at least 1 to 2 seconds a lap slower with this mod however. No way I would be able to compete on the expert and ultimate levels. The cars are definitely more lively, and don't feel like they are on rails all the time. Not sure what would be considered more realistic in the end. Tons of wheel spin even when being modest on the pedal.
    I really like the effect of going over grass with this mod. Would there be a way to separate the grass effect without all the crazy wheel spin you get on the race line Vlasovas?
  13. well, is hard work in the physics of the track, because as far as I could notice, it is relative to your speed, but do not know if by mistake them (Codies), the effect is stronger with little rotation, than at full speed, there Don't can repair without removing all the feeling, in my case here I already found the AI slowest with these track effects, and if I leave the strongest effects they will start hitting each in other, the grass I intend to more slow I still feel very fast, but I need spinning the wheels too. I was without internet this weekend sorry for the delay
  14. Love it man!Car feels more realistic and wheelspins feels more manageable, you can shake with wheel faster (my opinion) really great job, maybe one little thing, cars in replay looks little bit soft.GJ
  15. Great mod. I am absolutely loving everyone of your work!
    One question, how can I use normal back camera when I am in middle TV cam?
  16. I do not understand the question well, if you mean the height, fov, tilt, is located in the game options "to pause the game / preferences / Graphic Options / Camera options"
  17. I had some personal problems, and I'm out of time to work on it, but still intend to work more on top of that, because I do not really like in the start, the cars undulate too much , do not know if I can change that