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Expansion Work, need help.

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Stoatsta, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. Ok, i've got GTR evo and RACE 07 (bundle including RACE On) and they are all working on steam. BUT, GTR is on a different account. I would like 2 get them onto the same game (account) all together. One solution that i know is to purchase a expansion version of gtr and tag it onto the RACE 07. Thus, one big game. I don't even know if this will work, could somebody please help me here, or even better, tell me another solution for this.

    Cheers in advance,
  2. not sure if Steam support can do this and merge the two accs but i dont think so
    so only solution is to buy the gtr-evo add on again and add it to your race 07 acc
    then both games will merge easy together anyway you will then have a spare
    gtr-evo game acc
  3. I think if you fully delete the game from your steam account you can activate the code for the GTR-Evo on the new account. (I am not sure if this works but it should but if your not sure plz read for advices before you take your dessision)
  4. not that i know cuz the Key he used is bound to that account so if he would delete the game from that acc he cant activate it
    on a different one. thats why used steamgames cant be activated if you only have the key but not the datas of the steam account
  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    If you have the two games installed on two accounts there is no way you can get them merged unfortunately. If someone else can prove me wrong, please post it as i have my acient RACE - The WTCC Game also on a different account and would be nice to have it bundled with my other games :)
  6. yeah, that's what i thought, and it has happened on my old RACE 07 game (it broke!)
  7. well, i think it should it work as my RACE On account dosn't 'know' my GTR Evo account. So it'll be like putting a brand new expansion on it, ignoring the fact that i own the full version on a different account, i hope.
  8. just buy the Evo addon from steam and plug it into your Raceon acc then you have the complete deal together on one acc the only
    way to get it done
  9. Stoatsa - It will NOT work - the Game (CD) Key is tied to the Steam account that it was originally activated on FOREVER - there is no way to merge Steam Accounts, or to move a Game from one account to another, this is to combat piracy and is part of the Steam Terms and Conditions that we all had to agree to. As already mentioned the only way is to purchase and add games to your existing Steam accounts.

    Depending on your location it may be a cheaper option to actually purchase a boxed DVD Version of Race On and add that to your GTR Evolution account rather than purchasing GTR Evolution and adding it to your Race On Account !

    My reason for this? -
    Today on Steam GTR Evo expansion is £13.99, so you could upgrade your Race On Steam account for £13.99.
    HOWEVER - Today on Amazon you can purchase the Boxed Race On DVD for £13.84 delivered in the UK - This means that you could upgrade your GTR Evo Steam Account to Race On and GTR Evo for £13.84 - BUT because you would be using the FULL BOXED Retail Version of RACE ON you would ALSO be getting STCC The Game, as the BOXED RETAIL DVD of Race On includes STCC (the Download from Steam does not).

    Amazon UK Link - http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-li...s=gateway&qid=1268221873&sr=8-1&condition=new
  10. TIP on Steam Games and Steam Gaming - If you purchase a new Steam Game consider setting up a new Steam Account for that Game (If its an expansion and you want to use it with existing games it HAS to be added to the same Steam Account to work with those games). Bear in mind doing this WILL mean you have to Log into different Steam Accounts for different Games..

    You are then able to pass the game on later because you can give the new owner the Steam Account with the game - DO NOT do this for ANY STEAM ACCOUNT that you have EVER used a CREDIT or DEBIT Card on, as the new owner MAY be able to order Steam Games using your payment details.
  11. Thanks for that. But i have to take memory into account. The computer is running fine, but...you know, it won't be. Also, i have found a site called GAMESWOP which sells it for £8. Bargin! However, i will take in idea for a solution.

    Many, many thanks,