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PC Everything you know about toe

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by BhZ, May 30, 2016.

  1. BhZ


    Tomorrow I will race in a league with a road car at Imola. I started working on the setup but i am not improving when changing toe. So my question is: what do you know about toe? How should it be set in a road car without much power? What does Imola requires?
  2. This is taken from my own setup 'aide memoire' I am working on. It's just info I have taken off the web:

    "Toe In (+) or Toe out (-) affects the handling of the car in terms of cornering and straight line stability. The toe setting is a trade-off between straight-line stability afforded by toe-in and quick steering response afforded by toe-out. Road cars tend to have front toe-in for stability; racing cars will often have front toe-out for cornering response combined with rear toe-in for stability."

    As far as what's needed at Imola, no one can tell you. It will differ depending on the car. You need to do your own experimentation and find out.
  3. BhZ


    The exact value may change from car to car, but the track is always the same and may have many long turns or not. I know how the toe affects the car. What i was really looking for was an advice for my combo, not a general definition that i can find on assetto corsa when making a setup.
  4. Toe can help also to increase tire temperatures on cold conditions.

    As said, toe in (+) at front gives stability at brake, toe out (-) helps at turn in, giving some "bite" at corner entry. Toe in (+) at the back gives stability under acceleration, reducing oversteer tendency. You NEVER apply toe out (-) on the rear.

    At the end, you should try changing only this setting and do some runs to get the feeling of the car. As always some cars will react in a more sensible way than others.
  5. Best thing you can do is to try different settings (just changing 1 thing per run), and feel the changes, and then decide what suits better your driving style. There isn't any solution like "this track needs X toe", each person has different driving style, what's best for someone might be terrible for another one...
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  6. You do for FWD cars.
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  7. -24 front and +10 at rear is bascially my baseline on any RWD car.
  8. It depends hugely on suspension layout of the car. You have to check the suspension app and look at dynamic toe. It can change dramatically under braking or while hitting curbs.
    Negative toe at the front will give You better turn in but less stability under braking.
    Positive toe gives slower turn in but sometimes better mid-corner grip.
  9. BhZ


    Can you be more specific? Can you make some example?
  10. For example when I was working on my AMG GT3 setup I've noticed that even when I dialed toe-in on both axles on the setup screen, the front was going toe-out under braking.
    Because of that the car was very twitchy. Only when I've moved the sliders so the front was over 0,20 it was staying toe-in under braking and during turn-in.
    It worked for me, car became more stable under braking, it's little bit heavy on turn entry but mid corner it turns very nice.

    I don't know if I can be more specific but I hope this will help You
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  11. take care when working with the toe-settings as it has a huge impact on the tire-temps..For racing-cars I would always go for toe-out at the the front end and toe-in at the rear.
  12. That's the way I normally do but somehow AMG is different.
  13. BhZ


    That was exactly what i meant...I will try ;)
  14. What suspension app are you referring to? The one on the setup screen?
  15. No, the one in the game. Frome the right hand side menu. You have to enable dev apps o see it.
  16. How do you enable dev apps? I don't think I've done that
  17. To activate it go to xxx\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\system\cfg and open the assetto_corsa.ini.

    There you have to change ENABLE_DEV_APPS=0 from 0 to 1 and then just save it.
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  18. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim
    Premium Member

    What i can add is that when you give a tyre a negative toe, you will most likely reach the lateral force peak earlier, and vice versa for positive toe. For example, on tracks with slow corners, you might want to have more negative toe at the front it will improve turn in :) (just a different way to see things)

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  19. In that scenario with slower turns, what would be a good degree to set the negative toe at?...for turn in and keeping ideal tire temperatures. Or is it just a trial and error thing per track and driver?
  20. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim
    Premium Member

    Well you can record telemetry if you are looking for accuracy, otherwise if the car has quality physics you can get good results with trial and error :D

    It's really complicated to give you a number (toe is dynamic), but whoever made the car should know what range of toe should be allowed :)