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Every been in a car crash?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Linus Broström, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Well have you??

    I saw this other thread where another user had a quiz he wanted people to do, so I did it and came accros this question about how many car accidents have u been involved in, so then i thought it would be intresting to know about all the others aswell.

    here is my list :)

    1. Dad rolled the car in the snow when suddenly there was alot of ice
    2. Head on collision on my moped with a car turning left in to a parkinglot (right side traffic in Sweden)(ended my shot floorball career)
    2.5 Had my car hit on a parkinglot (the driver came looking for me and found me so we sorted that out)
    3. Head on collision on a parkinglot with a car who was driving realy fast around the other parked cars (my numberplate got abit bent, his front end got flat)
    3.5 Killed a rabbit with my C2 so the bottom part of the nose of the car got some minor damage
    4. Rear-ended another car on a parkinglot about 20 minutes in to 2012 (was watching the fireworks and forgot i was driving)(no i wasn't drunk)

    so that's 4 accidents (1 was my fault), 1 minor roadkill and 1 parkinglot hit-and-no-run
  2. Damn parking lots eh ?

    Only one, on my scooter... A car upfront went straight into me as I was going left, managed to swerve right to limit the impact, smack on the windshield and fell over with my ride over me :rolleyes:
  3. I was in a car crash once. It's called a Rover
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  4. Had gotten rear ended and car was total 1 accident in 9yr hope there is no more. Plenty in F1 2010/2011:rolleyes:
  5. I've only been in one, where my entire family got rear-ended by a little Corsa while we were in a Volvo Xc90. His car was destroyed, we had 3 small scratches :D
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  6. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    Had an accident when my father suddenly braked in order not to hit a cat which jumped to road ouf of nowhere, then the car behind hit us. No major damage :)
  7. I ran away from the police when i was 16 on my Honda Camino moped. It was 'upgraded' with a 65cc and a Proma exhaust. When i was hauling down the road i didn't notice a police car parked behind a truck. I panicked because of all the illigal parts on my moped and because i didn't had insurance either. So i opened up the throttle and went for the escape. It lasted for about 2 miles with lights and sirens behind me. Did some very dangerous and stupid maneuvers which could have killed me. Just before my escape i hit the curb at way too high speed and went flying. Broke 2 ribs, broke my shoulder, broke my collarbone and had a concussion. When i got home my dad beat the living daylight out of me. I was fined 2500€ which my parents had to pay since i was still a minor.
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  8. Wow, glad nothing more "serious" happened.
  9. #1: fell asleep while driving


    #2: Head on collision with a woman who was on the wrong side of the road


    #3: hit the rear of a friends car, it was on purpose :p


    #4: This one i am not proud of :p

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  10. Crash Pro^^ :D

    I once was hit from behind during a gokart race, I was sent up airborne ( 1m+ over the road) and landed on some female drivers shoulder. She luckly didn't break a single bone while I in the other hand couldn't breath for a couple of hours after my impact with the ground and I broke my finger.
    For those who wonder, the kart was completely destroyed and couldn't be repaired.
  11. You haven't heard my other misfits yet:D

    Hit a tree once with a quad bike. Hit the handlebars with my stomach but thought i was ok. A couple of hours later i couldn't stand the pain no longer and went to the hospital. Turned out my liver war ripped and was peeing blood.
  12. I was talking about your moped accident, never knew you hit a tree with a quadbike. Did you "fix" yourself, or is your liver held together with a piece of ductape? :o
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  13. No I haven't..
    Ok, once, but I was so young I can't remember it and it was my dad who was in a car crash, where someone drove into the rear of our Sierra..
  14. My worst car crash;Destroyed a Range Rover, it stepped out sideways at low speed (70kph) of a rough dirt road, couldn't straiten it up, clipped a earth bank did a forward somersault over a fence, slid along for a bit, caught a tree stump & rolled 5or6 times, no one hurt.
    Been collected a few times on motorcyles, 1st time I was underage (15) on a Honda CB900 sitting at a set of lights & an old fellah pulled up on top of me then tried to drive off with his front-end purched ontop of the bike & I.
    Thankfully another driver ran up & removed his ignition keys!
    Last time on a bike; Underage kids in a car came out of a side-road in the forrest near home doing a handbrake turn right in front of me & punted me into the trees.
    I slid face 1st through the scrub & got rusty Barbed wire tangle around me slicing my neck, arm & leg open-kids bolted.
    Found their house a few days later in town (gotta love small towns), parents handed over their 12year old son for me to march him to the police station, police didn't want to know about it until the father came & insisted he was charged for damaging me & stealing the parents car (rear of car was rooted!).
    Court slapped the boy on the wrist, fined the parents but awarded no damages to me & insurance company payed out to fix the car....
    I couldn't afford a solicitor as I had to re-register bike & pay for repairs (new handle bars & clutch cover) so I had transport again, I should've got a solicitor!
    Plenty of other tales but most were in paddock-bashers & it's not a real accident if your laughing when it happens.....lol
  15. August '04 a sheep strayed onto the road ahead of an oncoming car, which then veered onto my side of the road. This causing me to swerve off road to avoid the car. I hit a rock, spun back across the road, struck a woman who just happened to be standing on the other side then rolled twice over a fence into a ditch . . . fun times.
  16. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    When I was younger I hit a car at a intersection on my BMX because I lost my brakes lol!

    Does this count? after all it did involve a car.:)
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  17. Good grief, something EXACTLY the same happened to me once :eek:

    I was aswell on a BMX and lost all brakes ! Hit a car also :p
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  18. I have a driving license only for 4 months and already I ALMOST had a going off road action, when I was overtaking a bicycle guy and to avoid any unexpected behavior, I took it really far from him and hit bump on the other side of the road, almost jumped away (as it was in 70 kph), but the car secured the line and recovered in a no sec.. thanks god for traction control :D
  19. Booooooh traction control :rolleyes:
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  20. Actually I am really glad the car has such a things. Its manual, which is the most important to me, and offers fast and dynamic driving, I am enjoying driving it with all my heart :p (but what could you expect from a 18 year old teenager :D) I am really curious what difference will it be to drive the old Škoda 120 LS in a month. And I wont be naive and not look for an ABS or TC :D