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Eventually started F1 2010

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by SP33D, May 16, 2011.

  1. Hi people. After having F1 2010 sat on my shelf since release (as I didn’t have a pc spec capable of playing it until now lol) I am currently getting stuck into it. All I can say is it would be a perfect game if it wasn’t for the game breaking bugs. Anyhow, I thought I’d jump straight into the deep end and start a career on expert difficulty. Wow, it certainly makes you feel happy when you get a single point then if you was to win on one of the easier difficulties! Ive been playing sim racing games for years but its nice to actually play a new, officially licensed f1 game. Currently, my season is going like this…

    Qualified 9th in the Lotus and managed to get my way up to 5th in the race but spun on lap 15 and, as my car was obviously facing the wrong way, the game decided to black flag me…gutted really as I had some points in the bag…

    Qualified 10th and treated every lap like a qualifying lap and brought the car home in 9th. Had a tussle with Schumacher which was quite exciting lol

    Had a collision with Trulli in qualifying which saw me handed a +5 grid penalty and ended up 17th. Managed to get a good start and got up to 13th but got caught in someone else accident which left me with a broken front wing and a +10 sec penalty…?? Anyhow, crossed the line in 20th and thoroughly disappointed.

    Qualified reasonably well in 11th and the race was a thoroughly wet one! Got up to 5th a one point but pitted and kept on wets but after a couple of laps the track was dry and suffered from a lack of grip. Was in 16th position but 2 laps from the end I spun and was overtaken by a train of cars. Finished 20th overall but still out qualifying and out racing Trulli but if I can just get my setup right I feel that points scoring finishes are a million miles away.

    Spain next but having done a practice session there it seems that the ai are in a way different league.

    Anyways, that was my progress so far. Might seem lame but all the other difficulties were just too easy. I did a race on medium difficulty and won by 90 seconds..:s So I thought expert would be a good choice and, sure I love a challenge, its making me race a lot harder than I thought I would lol
  2. I just started out last Friday and awaiting a much anticipated race in Hungary - had many of the same experices - toned the difficulty down a tad to concentrate a little more on the circuits and entry and exit speeds rather than whose gonna jam a front wing up my tail pipe - Hungary is difficults with the Cosworth Virgin combo - but with Wirth Research's fluid dynamic testing maybe I need some more downforce - we'll see tonight after a complete revamp of car setup and race strategy - 4 secs off the pace in this morning's race and was to gutted to finish
  3. Nice work SP33D. Spain.....I just write that track off usually as the default AI is miles quicker than you. That said, if it rains you have a chance! It comes full circle when you get to Canada as the AI is very slow there.
  4. Nice job for beginning the game on expert settings. Although qualifying 9th in a Lotus seems still a bit unrealistic. I would advice to wait on the F1 2011 modpack by RRDev which is being uploaded at the moment and should be downloadeble any time today/tonight. It Included 2011 liveries, aswell as an AI mod to make them more realistic and faster or slower on each track. Depends on which track ofcourse. I highly recommend getting that when it's finally here :)
  5. Spain saw me finish dead last, second and a half slower in sector 2 than even the HRT’s :s lol

    Monaco was a track that, although I love, I had a feeling that id retire pretty quickly from as im doing 30% race distance and I couldn’t get a handful of decent laps together in practice without spinning but come the race it all just clicked. Kept putting in consistent lap times and eventually finished 9th and got some points.

    Istanbul was fantastic. The lotus just seemed very well balanced which let me push harder than I have in the races before. Qualified well and kept Vettel behind me for the best part of the race and brought the car home in 5th, was rather chuffed lol

    Next stop Canada…