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Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Jorge Alves, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Hi guys ... i just got NetKar pro 2 days ago and im loving it

    Dont know why there are almost nobody playing online:confused: ... this simulator in my opinion is the best one in the market (to me much bettter then iRacing):)

    I specially like the Fiat 500 ... it feals really good on G27

    So i ask here if anyone will be interested in a Fiat 500 race in Brands Hatch or Monza (2 great tracks for this car)?
  2. Glad to hear it.

    Was planning on putting up an Abarth race for next Wednesday. Unfortunately, both of those tracks aren't completely legal, as far as I know.
    RSR Monza is a GTR2 conversion, and not sure about Brands.
  3. Wednesday will be a good day to me but i think almost everyone in RD will be on STCC2
    Anyway i can race every evenings except for Tuesdays:) ... except from that im in

    Didnt know there were such a thing as illegal tracks :confused:
    Well ... whatever the track you choose i go for it;)
  4. Well, yes, since Simbin created the track, converting it for something else without permission is a no-no
  5. What about a public server meanwhile so maybe i can make some races in Abarth? There are no european servers with Abarth online at the moment :( (only 2 non-european with very high ping)... i really could make some races now... even with 3 or 4 drivers :rolleyes:
  6. Sure, I'll put up a Prato server. Let me know if you have any track preferences.

    EDIT: some complications arose, will post up a new event and say when the server is up.
  7. ;) thanks!

    Is there a list of the illegal or legal tracks we can use? ... it seams like my favourites are all illegal:(
    but i did some laps on Prato and i liked ... also enjoyed a lot Monaco ... but Prato will be great!
  8. I compiled a list of sorts, not sure where I got the info. It is definitely not 100% correct.
    Here's the link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6335348/nkpro tracks.txt
  9. Very nice! Thanks! I will download the ones with "OK". Will make some laps and tell you wich ones i like more.
  10. Just did a test driving through all the "OK"s tracks and Blackwood is amazing track ... first time i drove there in any simracing

    Those are the ones a really enjoyed:
    . Blackwood
    . Spa Francochamps 2001
    . Prato Full/Short
    . Crema (sector 2)
    . Imola 2011 chicane & tires
    . Aosta G.S. Intermediate & chicanne
    . Nordschleiffe
  11. Wow, you're fast. Yeah, Blackwood is fun, but too fast for the Abarth.
  12. :) it toke me like 4 hours to do 3-4 laps in every track ... some i already new

    Dont think Blackwood is too fast for Abarth ... maybe in the long straight ... but to me those turns are just perfect for this car ... actually this is the only car i drove for more then 10 laps in netkar until now ... I think Osella is also very fun but no H-Shifter in that one ... and that takes half of the fun away.

    What are your favourite tracks in Abarth?
  13. I'm a fan of default tracks, Prato and Newbury work well with Abarth.
    Falkenberg was awesome, and Mugello. Zandvoort might be great, but haven't tried it yet.
  14. Opps ... wrong thread
  15. as far as I know both tracks are legal. if necessary they ask for the original game cd
  16. If they require a CD, they are converted from Simbin, so I really doubt it's legal to use them. Best case scenario, it's a gray area.
  17. yes but as far as they are listed at the driving italia forum, official kunos forum, I'll use them for our races :)