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Featured European Truck Simulator 2 New France Previews

Discussion in 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' started by Paul Jeffrey, May 10, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    ETS 2 France 3.jpg
    SCS Software, the Czech development studio behind cult classics European Truck Sim 2 and American Truck Simulator have released new preview images for the upcoming Vive la France DLC.

    The latest impressive looking previews prove that the studio are still hard at work developing the older ETS2 title following on from the successful launch of American Truck Simulator a few short months ago.

    European Truck Simulator has still benefited from a number of under the hood fixes alongside some neat new functionality alongside ATS releases of late, however the new France expansion marks the first major release for the title in almost a year.

    The team at SCS have promised "new delivery terminals, bringing new challenges for manoeuvring the truck and trailer. More variety and more eye candy" in the Vive la France DLC and the screenshots released recently do not disappoint.

    Showing off images from the vast Civaux and Saint-Laurent nuclear power plants, Vive la France should prove to be another interesting and entertaining addition to the still enjoyable truck driving simulator.

    In other trucking news the studio have revealed a major update to both ETS2 and ATS will be coming to the game in the near future.

    Promising to include a host of improvements including general map tweaks and further AI improvements as well as enhancements coming to World of Trucks contracts.

    "The biggest overhaul is hiding under the hood - a lot of our early experimental code running and storing data on our private server farm has been adjusted to run on way more scalable Amazon server infrastructure. As World of Trucks will be adding more game features over time, eating even more bandwidth, we realized that we have to move to the "cloud" pretty much with everything. This change removes several bottlenecks and frustrating hick-ups you may currently experience when connecting to World of Trucks...

    External Contracts will work across all of the official map content in the games - full support for American Truck Simulator is coming to World of Trucks at last, as is support for the map DLCs in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

    We have improved the client part of Contracts, so you will be able to take jobs directly from the game, without the need to Alt+Tab to the web browser and back. It's more comfortable and streamlined, making it equal to Freight Market experience in the standard game. You will be able to easily see the closest jobs around your truck's current position in the world, so making your choice should be simple. But of course you don't get "teleported" to the trailer, you always have to actually drive your truck there.

    We have introduced regional setting into World of Trucks, so you will be able to adjust the units according to your local preference."


    The upcoming update(s) are in the final development and testing phase and could see release within the next couple of weeks.

    Have a look at our European Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator forums for a selection of awesome mods and the latest news and discussions regarding both titles.

    ETS 2 France 2.jpg ETS 2 France 4.jpg ETS 2 France.jpg
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  2. Yay! My country! huh these pics don't show the best of it though!:roflmao: Yay... Nuclear plants... lol
    But anyway I saw other pics and it does looks very nice!
    I wonder which regions are France are covered.:)
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  3. Yeah i'm hapy to see part of my country with Nuclear Power plant. Very good news, and can't wait for drive on the new DLC.
  4. It's time I install and try ETS 2.
  5. I just got ETS 2, still haven't explored much of the map (haven't even gone into the Eastern Europe part yet!) so I'll just drive through all of them before grabbing this when it's finished.
  6. Rodent


    Sweet, really need to get back into this title. So relaxing with an audiobook.

    On that note, sold my old G27 and grabbed a T300 Alcantara edition, great for racing, not so much for trucking since I haven't grabbed a shifter yet, anyone have decent bindings for a T300 to share/suggest?
  7. fortyfivekev


    Looks great but gotta love how SCS focus on nuclear power plants when another developer would probably show a beautiful alpine pass :)

    @Rodent I have the same wheel and it seems very light in-game and takes some getting used to. Have fiddled with the in-game adjustment but didn't seem to make much difference, would be nice to get some more weight in the wheel.
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  8. Keith Joyce

    Keith Joyce
    Stercus accidit Premium

    I suggest adding spring return in the T300 driver.
  9. Rodent


    Cheers lads but I'm more talking keybindings etc and less FFB though it'd certainly appreciated.
  10. Someone called r199 on here has uploaded paintjobs that i have created For Peterbilt 389 without my permission, who can i get in touch with to take them off this site.
  11. fortyfivekev


    Thanks but coming from a G27 I suppose I am looking for something like the Logitech profiles as I really can't be bothered with changing the basic wheel setttings for each different game I start. As far as button presses go I have a button box as there are way too many functions in ATS/ETS2 to use the wheel buttons + a working ignition key for added immersion :)