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European server up for Iracing

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Onno Naber, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. We have already begun to introduce a new server farm. Over the next couple of days we'll be making this new farm available to members.

    The new server farm will not be used for official sessions.

    (edit) Feel free to use the servers for hosted sessions. (/edit)

    A news story with details is in the works.

    16.7 (ping) compared to 109.8 US and 330.9 AU ,very good :)
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  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Why not for official sessions? Did they explain that also?
  3. Not really Bram, but here is the front page news;
    iRacing.com has added a new server farm in The Netherlands to its two existing installations in the United States and Australia. In addition to the redundancy and security provided by the new hardware, the new Amsterdam-based server further augments iRacing’s Internet connection through a blend of multiple providers, assuring members of the best possible network routes and connections.

    “In addition to adding yet more capacity to the iRacing service, the new servers will be a real plus for our European members,” says iRacing.com president Tony Gardner. “Their network traffic will no longer have to cross the Atlantic Ocean, so the information exchange between computer and server will be that much better. The server – and therefore the drivers -- will know much more quickly where any given car is relative to others. As a result, the tight racing will only get tighter!”

    The European servers will initially be available for practice and hosted sessions. However, Gardner also stressed that iRacing will take pains not to split official race events onto multiple server farms.
  4. ah nice, maybe an RD event to kick this off?
  5. 35 ms NL
    140 ms US
    350 ms AU

  6. It's in their plans to open up it up for official racing but in the meantime it's just there for hosted and practice sessions.

    In - http://members.iracing.com/jforum/posts/list/1827622.page - Chris Page stated....

    Servers are going up but they aren't going to be used for official sessions just yet.

    So I guess in due course, official sessions will be available. I guess a bit of un-official road testing is required first off, seeing as the server farm has only just gone live, lol.

    I guess its damned if they do, damned if they don't for iRacing. Imagine they enable official sessions from the get go and it all goes tits up. Imagine the fallout because of lost SR/irating etc. I guess at least this way they can monitor how it performs and then go from there.
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  7. just been there, works nicely
  8. Makes sense to me
  9. yes i'm agree with Daz..i think it's a test session.

    The most improvement will be for the series with more drivers i think