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European Island project

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by Racer-dCi, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone !I'm new in this forum and I follow you for finds good mods . I would like to create a track , maybe a city , maybe an island . I want to put :- Highway with service area ( looks like WR2 ) , modern european style .- City with underground parking , lot of buildings and house , cars parked on street and why not secret places !- Long road ( Look like Weekend Drive ) for long slow cruise with music ^^ .- Beach and road on coast . But I don't have 3DS Max and Blender and other problem , I have Mac OS X 10.5 and I don't know my projects work on Racer and on Windows and Linux . I want to create my project with Sketchup ( 7 or 8 or older if not possible ) .Can you help me ?
  2. There is a procedure to import sketchup into Blender which would probably work for you. Blender is available for Mac and is a bit hard to get used to working with but it's free and there is a .dof exporter available which makes it easy to put into Racer. There is also a Tutorial in the download thread on this forum along with other info. Worth a try?
  3. Hello , thanks for you reply !I try this soon , and I think with Tutorials it's more simple ;)The exporter offers many possibilities , add new cars , build new track ... and Blender is too difficult for me ( I already try this ) , ( but only for build something to A to Z with Blender ) .
  4. You can also use Z-mod version 1.07 for cars/tracks and there are tutorials which you can find using google. I never could get Z-Mod to work for me, too many things to click on.

    If you think Blender is too difficult, 3dsMax is just as bad. My track tutorial uses Blender ver 2.45 and gives you direction as to what keys to press and images of the result. After using my tut you should be able to make anything in Blender.