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Euro Truck Simulator Nitro Mod + Trainer

Discussion in 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' started by keciciler, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. keciciler


    Euro Truck Simulator Nitro Mod + Trainer by CouLomB
    First and ever nitro mod for ETS 2 !
    Wanna use nitro just like in NFS ? Then u must seen this !
    • Money Hack ( Add $5,000 to your profile )
    • EXP Hack ( Easy level-up , get skill-point earlier - Add 100 EXP to your profile)
    • Nitro Hack ( Use Shift key to use your nitro ;)
    Open downloaded exe after you go into game and after you start driving !!! Not before Driving a Truck !!
    • Money Hack / Click Add MoneyButton or just use CTRL + M in game !
    • EXP Hack / Click Add EXP Button or just use CTRL + E in game !
    • Nitro Hack / use either Shift Key to use nitro
    Things that will be added in future
    No Damage - Completed %50​
    Stop Time for Just-in-time Delivery​
    Adjustable Nitro Amount​
    This version is only tested in v1.1.1 !

  2. Rakesh Gupta

    Rakesh Gupta

    bro still waiting for the no damage mod...please post it... :(