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Euro Truck Simulator 2: Testing with Oculus Rift

Discussion in 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' started by Bram, May 7, 2013.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Bram Hengeveld submitted a new blog post:

    Euro Truck Simulator 2: Testing with Oculus Rift

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    Last edited: Dec 13, 2013
  2. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    Now that looks nice. Would open a new dimension in the game indeed...
  3. Brilliant stuff :)
  4. Looks cool :). Can't wait to get my dev kit and get it working in ORC. Should only be a few weeks :)
  5. I nearly bought a dev kit but shall wait for the higher resolution consumer version. I am already saving up for it and cannot wait!
  6. Craig Booth

    Craig Booth

    Would love to give any sim a try on the OR. I should hopefully receive mine within the next 7 days.
  7. I am blind in my left eye. I expect the effect would not work for me.
  8. I think Oculus Rift will be wonderfull on ETS2 ... we constantly need to look left-right to watch for traffic so it will make everything much simple and fun ... and because we can only drive 90 km/h maybe there isnt that sickness feeling that some people are getting when testing Oculus Rift on fast SimRacing driving