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Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Martin Wessely, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Hey everybody,

    I uploaded a new Version of the mod today. Now the new Honda Accord is included. Hope you like it.


    -> Delete The previous version of the mod (otherwise the mod will not work correctly)
    -> You will need Andreas' SUPER TOURING Mod and Biffenh STCC2000 Mod
    -> extract to your race07 directory.


    - added new Honda Accord
    - corrected some cars, logos, talent files and driver helmets and suits

    thanks to:

    AndreasFSC (for the models and the best mod ever),
    biffenh (STCC Mod 2000),
    oreilyunitedfc (STW Mod97),
    baika (STW Mod98/99)
    Robert (some useful pics)
    SIMBIN for the game!


    Alfa 156 (STCC)
    Alfa 155
    Audi A4 Quattro
    BMW 320i
    Volvo S40
    Nissan Primera Mk3
    Opel Vectra
    Honda Accord II


    ESTC00 - classID 232
    ESTC01 - classID 233



    Hope you like it!

    EURO STC Mod
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  2. Thanks, fantastic mod
  3. I keep getting a bad download.....does anyone else...?
  4. what do you mean? download doesnt work or file is corrupted? Just tried to download the file - worked for me without any problems.
  5. downloads fine, but when unpacked I have no readable files, even the readme is blank...:O_o:
  6. hmmm.... maybe it's because I compressed the 7zip file to much? Do you use 7zip to unpack the file? As I already said, it works perfectly for me.
    I will try to not compress the file as much as I did (so it will be bigger) but maybe this works. I can upload it again tomorrow if you like?!
  7. I use winrar normally but I can try 7zip.........;) and presto that worked...:thumbsup:
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  8. Im getting this now :cry: but with winrar and 7zip but im gonna try downloading again
  9. is it working for you guys or should i upload it again?
  10. it worked for me .....when I used 7Zip to expand the files..;)
  11. Still bad for me :cry: If you could re upload would be much appreciated :thumbsup:
  12. thx for uploading it again ;)
  13. Hi, i've a little problem....i made an acidentally mistake deleting the alfa 156 folder from the original game (the simbin alfa) but i don't want to re-install the game (and all the mods) to have it back. So, somebody can upload that folder in order to let me use the alfa 156 from euro stc mod? Thank you.:(
  14. you just have to download andreas super touring mod and the stcc 2000 mod by biffenh. then it should work. ;)
  15. No, it didn't work....i need the SIMBIN 156 folder.. in the super touring mod and stcc 2000 mod there aren't all the files (in the 156 cas there is also a "SearchPath=GAMEDATA\Teams\WTCC_2006\Alfa Romeo 156 GTA Teams", to confirm that).:cry:
  16. aah - now i get it. prob is, that I can`t see those folders (of the original RACE07 Teams/Cars) with my steam-version of the game(s). Even if I uncheck "hide invisible elements" in windows. Maybe someone else can help?
  17. All files for steam games are packaged ;) Maybe you already saw them: Within the "Steam\SteamApps" directory there are several large or not that large GCF-files. These are the packages. You will need GCFScape for example to open that files and extract files from them. You can get the tool here.
  18. Thank you. I will fix my problem soon thanks to you.:thumbsup: