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Ethernet port

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Rob Every, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Guys

    Have a really odd issue on my decent PC (this is being written on old Vista hashup)

    I dont run any really major AV on my machines, never have, so this was always likely to happen but not even sure if what I am experiencing is some kind of virus.

    The issues are this, I can't connect to the net in any form, either wired (my usual format) or wireless through a dongle.

    Now I am writing this on the network, and the wired connection works fine, and the dongle is fine too, so it must be my desktop.

    Is there a virus or something that can disable your ways of connecting? I imagine so, but what the hell is the point if you are not going to send me somewher else to affect my machine?

    Another thing, I cant turn Windows firewall, it simply wont let me, anotehr pointer to virus? Have a feeling that having to use Torrents miht be the issue for RF2.

    Werid little issue, PC works fine otherwise, no other issues.
  2. Might be worth trying..
    1. go to device manager remove you network card let windows reinstall (basicly resets setting for it)
    2.try system restore if above fails
    3. tap f8 on startup choose safemode with networking to outrule software issues
    if all above fails try running some av program again in safemode no networking this time tho
    pm if you need any more help i see what i can do
    btw im a microsoft certified engineer so not just making random guesses lol
  3. hey paul

    Thanks for the advice, the port I use for the wired access is on the motherboard? havent seen any issues with it in dev man, so cant really remove it? And the wireless is just a dongle from Belkin, again I get limited connectivity and in network and sharing click adapter settings and there is nothing at all there

    I am struggling to find an AV that doesnt net updates, am presuming safe with netowkr might run that? Does it overrule the virus/issue?

    I run W7 64 on that machine btw.
  4. I would say it's a driver issue as compared to virus. Have you tried the rollback feature in Windows yet?

    Do you install or change anything and then this happened?

    Im with the first guy in saying delete your network cards in device manager and then click the refresh button and then let windows reinstall them.
  5. Hello Randy

    Again I amnot that genned up on these cards! The adapter I use is on the motherboard, so how can I delete it?

    I have tried using rollback or restore, same problem.
  6. Just goto dev manager find network adaptors you will see yours then right click delete dont worry windows will reinstall it on a restart
    doesnt matter that its onboard
    Have you tried also restrting your modem / & or router
  7. has it ever worked
    i remember installing 7 -64 and had the same no net access
    it was down to the install i had to reinstall 32bit that was fine sometime later installed 7-64 again and was ok
    using 8-64 now all is good might be worth a go with that its still free at moment as still release preview
    if 7 is a new install you got nothing to lose
  8. Well, after yet another try I still get the same.

    the machine with a problem is not new, I ahve run it for 18 months without issue, never run anything weird on it, and I simply ran it on a Saturday night, then next day nothing!

    I have tried the delete drivers on network ports, reboot and it installs, but still no adapter settings

    And I cant restore back to a date as the earliest date was yesterday! So gonna have to get someone to look at it I think
  9. Is a custom build or branded one ie did you have to buy windows or was it preinstlled
    most branded ones have hard drive based recovery if not have you got a windows disc
    sounds like by now you are looking at a restore from either discs or hard drive which may or may not have a option to save your files
    my advice now would be to backup to usb pen or usb hard drive anything you like to keep then reload windows if still network problems persist i would have to suspect the motherboard
    one other option is if anyone can give/lend/sell you a lan card try that 1st.
    Good luck keep us posted here.
  10. So is this likely not a virus or something then?

    Machine works fine

    It is not custom, is an AMD jobbie, Windows was installed when I bought it

    Have thought of a LAN card, might be the cheapest option actually!
  11. virus would be out ruled by starting in safe mode with networking
    by branded i mean packard bell hp acer etc not bought from local pcshop that built it themselves
    lan card would be a good idea but if its a windows problem it wont help only a reinstall will fix it
  12. If your gonna spend the cash I say break down and go wireless that way your money spent is for the future as well. My wireless router was free with my service and a wireless card is around 20 bucks usd.
  13. just googled it and a lot of peeps have this issue when Bonjour is installed itunes photoshop both use it to mention a few look in programs and features for Bonjour and uninstal it if its there
  14. if you need a wifi dongle dont spend anything i will send you for free i work for virgin media now and have wifi dongles in my van
    sorry Randy disagree tbh tho wired is better for getting fiull download speeds
    also hit start button type cmd a black box wil open then type ipconfig if it showing 169.x.x.x this means you pc is not getting an ip from your router for whatever reason who is your isp ?
  15. try this too
    1: Click on Start and in the Start Search box, type ncpa.cpl and press Enter.
    2: Right click on Local Area Connection and Click Properties.
    3: Double Click Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4).
    4: Make sure you have Obtain IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automaticallyoptions checked(have a dot).

    Let me know the results in order to proceed.
  16. Back to work work tomorrow(yeah slave drivers lol) so wont be around till tea time to help any more i guess
  17. havent done safe mode yet

    Have no idea about motherboard sorry, its hard coz everything I need to know is on the other machine not this one! I bought it as a reconned machine from PC world, had all the rest so just bought the tower.

    I have tried wireless and wired, neither work

    I am using a Virgin SuperHUB, that works on this machine now, but not on new one, and it works on PS3 just fine.

    Am using same cabling obviously.

    Only things I have done recently on damaged one are download a few RF2 bits on utorrent hence my worries about malware issues

    Might try with safe mode networked and try a few of these tomorrow

    Thanks so much for all the ideas
  18. No probs if its from pcw itll be a branded one and should have hard drive based recovery
    compaq its f11 on startup most others its f8 repair my computer
    maybe you got recovery discs with it or were prompted to make some (hope you did it there about £50 a set if not) ?
  19. Haha, ok update number whatever!

    Tried a few more things paul, when I try ip config I get wireless lan disconnected and all the tunnel adapter disconnected.

    I get an IP 169. etc, my ISP is Virgin MEdia! lol

    ON the ncpa thing, after I click on the areas that screen for adapter settings is completely blank, just the same as if you go there through networka nd sharing
  20. still thinking reinstall windows mate