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Essingston location

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by ALVAZ, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. Hi, Does Anybody know where in UK is placed this circuit? GPS coordenates will be fantastic. I ve tried to find it by Google Earth, searching "essingston" and bolsover, derbyshire, I did not find the circuit, Does it exist? I mean that is is not a fantasy circuit created by ISI.

    Any help will be apreciated, thank you very much in deed.

  2. I think its a fantasy circuit :)
  3. nooooooooo, this is getting worse :(

  4. Why is it a problem?
  5. This is a problem, because as you know all my attemps of making the reverse version of Essington have been wrong, failed, (remember AIW is not right) so I had the hope of locating Real Essigston Circuit, extract GPS coordenates, import into BTB and then make the right AIW.
    I cant understand why my AIW is bab made.

    I ve tried to import essigston into 3dsimed and extract coordenates to BTB, but the result is a locked .csv file, unusefull!!, I dont know why the csv file appeared blocked

    I invite everyone to try it

  6. why don't you just use the AIW editor that ISI made, it would only take an hour or two and should work perfectly.

    There is a step by step guide here http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=AIW Video Tutorial


    Just seen your other thread on this and realise that you've already tried using rFAIW tool, I left the link in case anyone else wants to check it out.
  7. Ok, I made a very quick reverse AIW which seems to work ok, it will at least allow you to use it as a base to work from.

    There are still quite a few things that need doing

    Pit in and out lights need repositioning and renaming

    Start lights need repositioning and renaming

    Grid and pit markings need repositioning and renaming

    Start locations will need redoing in aiw file to match grid markings

    Brake markers will need repositioning and renaming

    and maybe a few things I've forgotten too.

    you can get the files here :---- http://www.mediafire.com/?kiy1yh78ibbdob2

    hope they help.
  8. hi, lasercutter, so kind, thank you very much in deed, I have to say

    good news, your AIW file works properly, I have taken your timing gates and pack in my MAS file, and it works

    Bad news, I dont know why it works, the differences between yours and mine are the names, but I think that you rename as Xsector_01_rev, because you plan use the same gmt´s MAS file as Essington "normal", thus the Essington Rev SCN file instructions will "call" the right gmt, dont you?.

    Ok, How did I make timming gates?, Ok I extract Xfinish, sector01 and sector02, with 3dsimed, and replace the material and texture (usually they are roads or grass texture) by the textures used by BTB, set in the right direction, thus I ensure that I set always the timing gates pointing to the right direction. At this point, you can say "maybe you have set them wrong, pointing to the wrong direction", ok, but if so, In trainning mode, or practice mode, the lap time will not be set, and it is set, so I asume taht are right( hum, I realized that I did not check that, what will rfactor do with wrong rotated timming gates)

    The problem apperared in race mode, where between sector1 and finish line, car positions apperared with no sense, changing everytime!!

    I m starting to think that my RF editor is no working fine, Could it be?


  9. I renamed the timing gates as it was just the easiest way to make sure there was no conflict between the original track and the new reversed version, all I did was to rename them all (making sure that what was xsector2 was now xsector1 and vice versa) and to reverse the faces so that the front was always facing the car as it went through the gate (easily checked by turning back faces off in simed) I probably would have done this all in 3DS Max normally but on this occasion only used simed, I doubt there is a problem with the AIW editor but it's not impossible.
    Renaming all the objects that you are repositioning is again just the easiest way of avoiding conflicts, as long as the instance name is correct the gmt can be called anything and the object should function properly, for example:-

    MeshFile=Startlight_rev.gmt CollTarget=False HATTarget=False
    MeshFile=pitlightin_rev.gmt CollTarget=False HATTarget=False
    MeshFile=pitlightout_rev.gmt CollTarget=False HATTarget=False
  10. Hi, I understand and I m agree with your method, but I dont imagine any confilcts in my method, because I created new gmt in the right positions with another name, sectors, starlight and so on, then I deleted the old sectors starlight and so on, copy and pack to a mas file, I could not imagine what conflict could be hapend, because original gmt are deleted, and the New SCN file is "calling" the same name gmt files, but the diference between original and old starlight is the coordenates, the position. In my circuit, starting lights, pit in pit out, work fine. Timming gates: You have to take care about reversing faces, and obviously not to interchange sectors.

    Anyway, something I m doing wrong.

    Chub Pearson is going to help me to find out the problem, if you have time and curiosity, here you have the link to my circuit.

    Thanks again for your time.

  11. first thing I notice is that your xfinish is sitting about 4 feet above the track, move it down so the bottom of it sits below the track and everything should work.
  12. Nooo, all this waste of time because of 4 feet above the track?, ok, ok, understood, thank you very much, in fact, I always thought It had be a nonsense like that. I ´ll keep in mind next time.