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Escort Mk2

Discussion in 'RBR Setups' started by Michael Hausknecht, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. So, what is up with the screwy rear suspension geometry settings I see in the garage? Minus 50mm ground clearance and -55 degrees camber... 30 plus degrees caster...? Anyone else get these kinds of numbers? Really annoying trying to find a decent setup for this car when I can't adjust the rear suspension. Any ideas? :confused:

    Michael Hausknecht #256

  2. If I remember correctly then for RWD cars the front is the rear and vice versa if you know what I mean. At least thats how it works in cz plugin. For example if you want to adjust rear cambers - adjust where its written - Front cambers. Hope you understood what I was meant to say :)

    Now Im waiting for your setup :p
  3. What Viesturs said is true. RBR doesn't do RWD, so all RWD cars are basically FWD cars turned around, with 6 reverse gears :D. That's also why the handbrake is useless with RWD cars, it locks the front wheels.
  4. Well, that explains a lot. I found the default set up challenging. Here is what I've come up with. I'm not setup whiz, so feedback and ideas for improvement are welcome. ;)

    Michael Hausknecht #256

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