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Escort Challenge by Prez

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Christophe Berton, Nov 3, 2008.

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  1. The Evo Edition of Escort Challenge reworked by Prez.

    18 Escort 08 cars -old from 2008 version.
    26 Escort 09 cars -new and some old nascar inspired skins.

  2. It's a very well done mod. The cars are too much fun to drive!
  3. Old Escorts if I'm correct?

    If so bring it on !
  4. Thanks mate!

    I love to take them for a spin at shorter tracks, the likes of STCC tracks and Zandvoort club..
  5. thankyou Prez from me and my dad :) We love it :) O loved it around the Silverstone national and Brands indy :p
  6. Im really glad to hear that people understand these cars. Thanks alot !!
  7. Have you got anymore planned ?
    maybe a old mini series ;) instead of BMW minis (Boooooo) lol theyre still fun just not quite the same as the original! Although i have GTL i prefer it on GTRE as it feels so much more real.
  8. @Matthew, have you tried the GTL to GTR thing? There you will find the original Mini's.
  9. Oh ok Kris where do i find this ? Thankyou
  10. has anyone else driven these? i tried the other night... they seem a little... fast!
  11. Do they scare you?? :peace:
  12. I tried them at Cadwell Park so yes they scared me. There is some work to do, a few views are slightly to the side and others are missing I think :)
    But nice work otherwise
  13. heh heh... yes indeedy! fun though - might like to see an event with these in the not too distant... :wink:
  14. Thankyou Prez for this great mod :worship:

    i drove them for the 1st time in last nights event and can honestly say i had a huge grin on my face the entire time :dance2:

    i used Rossi`s 08 car, is that skin from a real car?
  15. Thank you Prez for this mod! :highfive:

    As Nigel, I drove 'em for the first time last night in a RD Club event. What a blast they are!

    However, a few random thoughts:

    * It's nigh on impossible to dial out the understeer
    * FF is a bit weak compared to other cars
    * Tire temp readings and pressures are a bit weird
    * It would be nice to have a model that's inline with the original Escort, no rear wing and lesser HP
    * The hood camera doesn't "work"

    But, all in all, a very good mod! Well done!
    Kind regards,
  16. Thanks guys. A more original Escort is found in the GTL MOD. Hood view is messed up but there is a hoodview but has different name.

    Understeer comes from to light car for that kind of power. I saw the replays from your race last night and Ben really looks sharp....

    Some more cool Escorts that inspired me :




    I dont know what makes it possible for customskins if it is a inifile or what. If anyone knows how to do it pm me.

    The Rossi skin is a fictional Whoops skin (Nogrip member)

    The only skin that is from a real car is my New Zealand freighters skin.
  17. Please I need help

    Hi all,

    I had downloaded the Escort Challenge, but I don't have the sound of engine, road sound every sound is ok,, but no engine sound, like a electronic car, can anyone please teach me what to do?:disapointed:

    Thank you

    Jose Ferreira
  18. have you checked your install?

    there is an ESC folder that needs to go in Gamedata/sounds/ESC
  19. Ok, thanks Nigel maybe I will install all over again.
  20. Did you get it sorted?
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