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Error Loading Mesh file,

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by zerokiller, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    a few other user's of Rfactor are having this prob when installing my track, 1 out of 7 are having it,

    " Error Loading mesh file HORIZON.GMT to memory "

    what could be the reason behind this, and how do i fix it

  2. you not included the sky.mas file in the downloaded file?

    it should be in the rfactor yourtrack root directory


    your track.gdb
  3. Hey

    I had a look and the Sky.mas file is there where it should be, i made a Installer for the others to install off. and i tested the installer file, to make sure that sky,mas was there and it was.
    But i could not find
    (btw yes i am looking for the name of my track .mas and not yourtrack.mas)
  4. is this a vista machine? and have you packed the data into the mas file.

    yourtext.mas equals all of the textures packed into one file
    yourtrack.mas equals all of the gmt's files packed into one file
  5. Yes its on a vista computer,
    and No i havnt packed the data into the mas file yet, was going to do that once i had done with the track, as this was just a beta version
  6. How to fix the Horizon.gmt problem

    This fixes the horizon.gmt error! I found this on rFactor Central in a posting by a guy called BorisK. It works!!! Rename the sky.mas file to skyT.mas and then change the reference to the sky.mas file in the .scn file to: MASFile=skyT.mas Many thanks to BorisK, Mike