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Error loading global material

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by RCC, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. RCC


    Hello, i have this error (see screenshot) while trying to use this texture, during loading of track it shows, what i did was to substitute the road texture "Tarmac_01" i think to my own custom one, .jpg files, and it caused the same error with the name "roada" instead of untitled, its named untitled now because i thought the problem was the name, i guess its not.


    Texture (5mb)

    I searched but found nothing.
  2. Jpg's cause crashes when loading in rfactor most of the time. I'd say more likely to crash the bigger it is, and that one is massive. Save as a DDS should fix it. And change it in BTB. Export again.
  3. RCC


    Thank you that solved this problem but i have other, now the texture is strangely missplaced in-game, but on BTB it looks correct, but why?

    And the lightpoles doesnt work at night either.

  4. Depends on which light poles. You need a Glow child with the pole. check by using the default one, if it is working then be sure that the light pole you are inserting is light-able. Some are not.
    If it is one you made then be sure to set up the light glow child for it.
  5. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven


    This is how i "solved" this problem. Adding the original light pole and uncheck render.
  6. RCC


    Thanks, but what about the texture? its DDS allready, fits correctly in BTB but at rF its incorrect.
  7. You need to import the light glow as an object and the poll as an object
    then add complex and and bring them in as child objects.
    I use Metaseq for modeling. Create the model with the light glow, Now save object Poll
    and then save it as STGlow. Now on object Poll remove the Light Glow and save.
    In Object STGlow remove the poll. Now Open Object poll select , invert and save as
    Streetlght.dae be sure all textures are DXT1 with no alpha, now open the STGlow and save
    as STGlow.dae be sure its textures are DXT3 with Alpha, If you are using the default ones
    they are already saved right. Now you will need to import them to Xpacker.

    Import the main object and the glow separately. In the Properties tab, set the Purpose of the main object to Light, and for the glow, select LightGlow. You'll also need to set the Light properties of the glow object, which might take a bit of trail and error to get right.

    Once those objects have been set up, click on Add Complex, and use the Child Objects
    tab to add the main light and the glow object. It should be ready for exporting.

    PM me if you want me to help
  8. Not sure about the textures I would need to see it. But with the stupid way the program is licensed I am not able to use BTB anymore because I changed my system and the licence stopped and I cant get a new one for a few more months, so I have 4 unfinished tracks.
    I downloaded the jpeg. Need more info.
    Lets see what it looks like in BTB Need comparison, need to see the differences.
    Not sure what your goal is .
  9. RCC


    The idea was to start with over 100 miles of freeway, i decided to make a test one of only 10 miles but even that allready seems like too much to edit with all these strange issues, considering i need to edit light poles, guardrails, and details every inch, this method is plain useless.

    What should be done is, have to build only a small section of the freeway and use it as standard, then the program should only go adding copys of it along the path, with the only need being automatically correcting its curvature, simple, flawless.
  10. So your basically wanting the game engine to use procedural object creation.. Don't try to do 100 mile tracks... BTB starts to slow down on anything over 10km.. There is an option to randomly place object all along the road, best for vegetation. Everything else need to be manually placed.

    You can use SObj to quickly create long lines of lightpoles, sadly child objects won't work with SObj so no glow... You can however use a little trick. Create one SObj with the poles only. Place it on the track. Press "C" and without moving the mouse copy the poles SObj (so that the copy is exactly where the original was, this is important. You can position the mouse first then lift it off the table, that'll keep the mouse completely motionless...) Then use SObj tool window to replace the pole objects with glow objects. Test this first on a smaller strip, if it works, it might save you a lot of time. Haven't tested on a light objects..
  11. What program are you using to convert your JPEGs to DDSs? If you're using paint.net I would recommend using GIMP instead, I too had this problem. Also make sure all the DDS files' dimensions are powers of 2.