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Error Code 5

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Chrisuu, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. As the title says I am having some problems.

    I am getting a error code 5 acces is denied when trying to install game stock car.
    When I run the install exe as an admin and it still wont let me install it.

    Even stranger is that it only seems to happen with Game stock car. I can install new updates for RF2 or steam without any fuss. Which I reinstalled about a week ago doe it being to old to update. :p

    But why is this only limited to GSC? Wth is going on here 0.0!?
  2. Got the same issue with Error Code 5.
    Also the antivir found a troian in the GSC.exe. False positive, whatever, but now the exe is gone(not in the antivir qaurantine, not anywhere, wtf)....
  3. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore
    Premium Member

    Maybe your internet Securty is stoping the install .
  4. dunno what is it but I can tell you what it's not: it's not a professional commecial product. Love the game but it's the only one of the tens of games I have installed, none of which having these issues.
  5. Disable your Antivrus software during install if you have not already done so, but wasn't most issues with av false detecions solved ? Maybe not, but at least you will find out if that's the problem.
  6. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore
    Premium Member

    Also, I remember if you have MSI Afterburner running this will also cause an issue ,so turn it off.
    FRAPS is fine :)
  7. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore
    Premium Member

    I spoke to early ,its happening me again GSC.exe. no longer exist have to turnoff my antivirus to play it now ,even though i told my security its safe ,run as administer :mad:

    My internet securty is BullGuard ,
  8. Okay now for some reason my install cannot read the bin files what should I do isnt there a link to download the full exe?
  9. I excluded the whole install folder and never had any problem since.
  10. Okay switching of the virus software does not help sadly :S

    What is also very strange that it is only the game exe that is denied acces to the HDD.
    The rest of the exe's like config and uninstall are granted acces but not the game exe.
  11. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore
    Premium Member

    Did you have a look in your net security / quarantine / that's we're my GSC.exe. was ,I had to restore it from there to play ,making sure that antivirus was off at the time of doing this.
  12. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore
    Premium Member

    I'll give this a go .

    No luck ,even when setting the folder to be excluded:( but when i lower my antivirus a small bit all is good :)
    Never had this problem in any other game before ,but at-least its fixed ( for now ) fingers crossed :cautious:
  13. Having the same problem. I've excluded both the installation folder and the exe but it's not working.
  14. Is Reiza at least working on the issue or we just waste our time on forums?
    Can we have an updated install file for GSC not to set the antivirs on fire?