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Skins Erg's Tyre Pack 0.9a

Avon, Toyo, Dunlop and Pirelli

  1. Erg


    Erg submitted a new resource:

    Pirelli Tyre - Alternative - A set of Pirelli Tyres with a different logo sample

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  2. Good job,
    only comment on a very small detail:
    The arrow "drawn" that indicates the direction of rotation of the tire is obviously inverting on a left side of the car ...

    I do not think there is a way to solve (whereas the "skin" is one for all 4 tires) but it seems fair to say ;)
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  3. Erg


    Oh, how I missed it! :redface: It looked so nice but have to replace it now :) Thank you mate.
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  4. Erg


  5. since we can't get a further replies on review, i'll tell you how to create a normal map.
    in your Photoshop, open your tyre texture/project. i suggest you take the already-converted texture (PNG, BMP) instead of PSD project.

    go to Filter -> Nvidia Tools -> NormalMap Filter

    in the new window you have a few options to tweak the setting of the map. use the setting which is shown in the pic below.
    now you have the normal map for tyres. save the texture map to DDS as usual.

    hope this helps.
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  6. Erg


    I watched this
    yesterday and already got a fine result I guess. Just thinking about some improvements then I will update the source and would like you to watch this thread, try the files after update and tell me how it looks..

    I will try your guide too then. Thank you very much.
  7. Erg


  8. Erg


    If I use DXT5 or DXT5_NM while saving tyre look very noisy. So I use DXT1 or 8888ARGB32Bit.. Does it make any difference? Or should I change some settings while exporting .dds? Or this is all and done?
  9. looks noisy ingame or in photo viewer?
    the texture looks noisy might be due to high MIPmap values added.
    i usually save the texture with dxt5 ARGB 8bpp interpolated alpha.

    oh forget about something.
    in NormalMapFilter window, set the scale value in the scale box to 8. so you will have more depth on the map.
  10. Erg


    Henky, first of all thank you again for your great support.

    Now, I got some good results with your guide. But now I'm in a weird point, while left tires of car looks so shiny, right ones are still same old dark style. I want a look between them not so shiny not so dark but dark is better than shiny I think, even the shiny one gives a better depth look. So, how can I solve this? Tried different alpha settings, deleting alphas etc. Nothing worked, just can't catch the look I need and it's really weird there is a huge difference between left right tyres.

    Screenshots are from same moment same car.

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  11. Erg


    Well, I added spot color %100black alpha to tyre_d.dds and it's normal again now.. Just can't see the depth effect as good as the shiny one attached in my previous message.
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