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'Equal cars' straight line acceleration comparison

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Chicane500, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. With the discussion about equal cars going on in the PC league forum, I wanted to collect some data. Basic question for this little investigation is: What car accelerates fastest under equal circumstances and default setup?
    Here is the answer of my little research so you don't have to scroll down first:
    From fastest to slowest car - 110kph to 310kph in seconds - Difference in frames with car above (1 frame = 0.02sec)

    That top speed difference vid, some have seen it (India track). But in my opinion top speed is easy to fix by adjusting 7th gear. Acceleration is a more important factor than raw topspeed in my opinion.
    The setup for the test:

    I chose for Shanghai as testtrack, since it has a long straight without small hill, and an obvious DRS line that became the startpoint of acceleration. Test were done in the following settings:
    tyre sim off, fuel sim off, clear weather, equal cars (duhhh), TC Full, Dynamic Race line on, automatic gears, default car setup (the middle one). What I would do: I tried to drive with 100 kph in 2nd gear to the DRS activation point, and then just floor the throttle, until arriving at the hairpin. No use of KERS or DRS. It looks like this:

    Capturing the runs with 50 frames per seconds, because that's easy calculating, each frame represents 0.020 seconds.
    going to the track:

    First I did a comparison between Mclaren (known to be fast) and Ferrari (known to be slow). I added Force India, because I'm driving with that myself.

    I did 6 runs with each of the 3 cars (so 18 runs total).

    I've putted those runs on the timeline of my video-editing software. Startframe was 110kph (if not present I took the frame with 109 kph), the endpoint was the frame with 310kph. I didn't pick 100kph because sometimes I arrived with 99 and sometimes with 101.

    Comparing the 6 runs of each car, I saw only 1 frame difference on the 6 runs with McLaren, 1 instance of 2 frames difference at Ferrari and 1 frame difference on the Force India.

    I was curious about the other 9 cars. I decided to do 3 runs per car, due to the consistency of the runs of the first 3 cars, but still had a way to check if I didn't fall asleep and lifted the throttle a little performing the test for the n-th time.

    Back to the video-edit:

    I cutted all runs seperately, and put them above eachother. If 2 runs were of the same length, I took one of those runs, and ignored the 3rd run. If the 3 runs differed from eachother, I took the average one. In case of the 6 runs cars I took what happened most frequently.

    Then came the part I was looking forward to: Putting them in order, and in some cases surprised myself. In the video edit timeline it looks like this (Shorter = quicker, longer = more time = slower)

    Summarizing the results in one short video, you'll get the following results:

    Note that you can pause throughout the clip and you'll see for example the top 8 all reaching 250kph at the same time. At that same point, Toro Rosso, Lotus and Red Bull are on 248 and Ferrari on 247.
    Criticism and further possible research:

    Accelerating: I could've mapped accelerate to a button on the steering wheel so it would just be 100% on in an instance. Not really sure if this would've influenced the results in any way.

    Selecting one run from the car in the video-edit: Usually the difference between runs of the same car was 0 or 1 frame. In about 2 or 3 cases, it was 2 frames difference. Looking at the ranking this means that if someone does this same test again, the ranking may differ from what I've presented here. Also sometimes there was no frame with 110 kph, and I took the frame with 109 kph. Again a slight accuracy loss of 1 frame.

    So the bottom cars sucks and the top cars guarantee a podium? If you think so after going through this, you don't understand F1. It's not just plain acceleration speed. I tend to think that some cars have a bit more aerodynamics by itself already. Perhaps you can set slightly less wing on Red Bull compared to a Force India for example. Every car may need its little tweaks to come to moreless the same performance online. Also possibly the Red Bull has such good aerodynamics that in default setting you'd drive faster with the Red Bull then say a Force India on most tracks. I'm not gonna research that, since I'm not consistent enough. I think no one can come with solid proof for this anyway, that's a matter of driving style and personal preferences.

    Special thanks to: illusioneddy to be the 2nd player to get from lobby to track, and just drive around without challenge for 45 laps.

    Ps. Was I surprised to see the Force India on top? Yes! I hoped it would be lower so my performance here so far would look better :p
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  2. I think I'll wait to read all this till im in work tomorrow :D
  3. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Very good work there Rob so basically when I tested the Ferrari at the Nurburgring for the league it was just raw talent that kept me at the front end during qualifying.... Dammit this is gonna stir up the league now.... Time to go an find some solutions.
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  4. Great work Rob
  5. Great work Rob. Alot of time and effort here.

    Although, As i am a HRT driver in the xbox league, makes my driving looks not so good..
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  6. Brilliant job Rob!!! Finally people will start to believe me...
  7. Now I see why I'm always 4th :D Great work Rob!
  8. Andrew I hope now you understand why I had many comments about that random cars in the league qualy races is a bad idea. I'm really happy that his has finally revailed and you gonna bann the 4 slowest cars from the league.
  9. Well it's a bit strange to bann the Red Bull cause we have all seen what Mike does in this car. Probably as Rob said this car such a great aerodynamics so you can run with 4-5 steps lower wings than other cars. It's same in the real life. If you remember at Spa all cars had massive rear wing angle but Red Bull had it almost the same as it was at Monza. This too needs to be tested.
  10. In Monaco yes where differences fade away between cars in real life too. He is really good there. Just do a race on Spa, Monza, Canada. I'll bet he won't finish any higher then 5 despite of he is very skilled player.
  11. andrew you dont have to change anything,just make a poll where people can choose there Top 3 favourite cars and let them choose,dont make anything more difficult then it is.Its good that rob tested it,but like I said 100 times that these cars would be infront,I never tested the force india but I knew it was fast aswell.When we play Rd races during the week then nobody is complaining about picking the cars,mayby somethimes me :)
    the game failed and there is nothing you can do.
    Just start a poll where people can take the car and give more responsbilty on the people who are evry week playing this game or races on Rd weekly races.You nor talking against kids but also people who understand this game and let us help you and keep it simple,like you said ,the fun factor should be the most important thing and playing these few months with my RD friends evryone already know what car they like to play with.Your not playing so mutch with us during the week races ,so you dont know that mutch what cars they most of the time take.

    btw good job Im glad that you did this
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  12. Just a 'like' doesn't underline enough how much I do fully agree upon this post!
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  13. Thank you very much Rob for taking the time to do this for us all! :)
  14. Yeah Ermanno is right. Despite him (who almost always changes his car) we have established a car choice and nobody is complaining about it. It's easier to recognize people on the track :)

    So for the league we can do some changes :) For example the fastest guys will take Ferraris and the slowest -FIs.
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  15. Wow fantastic work Rob.

    They say the wheel base is the only difference but does anyone actually know what the wheel base is for each car? Some sort of correlation would be nice to see.

    While interesting it does not mean everything. Acceleration, braking distance, corner grip, traction, top speed etc. You cant just ban the bottom 4 anyway, you see the Renault up there but everyone says its a dog of a car to drive.
  16. Rob you did an amazing Job, keep up good work and thanks for everything !
    Cheers !
  17. Rob since you have the videos can you make a comparison from 110 to 250 because I see the Ferrari matches the shifts until 5th and then the loss is in late 5th and all 6th gear.
  18. Nice test, but I think people are drawing the wrong conclusions from it. Just because a car has less straight line speed doesn't mean that it isn't capable of producing the fastest lap times. The real life Red Bull is a perfect example for that. And they are usually more than just 3 kph behind the others. Rob, you obviously understood this and pointed it out:

    However, considering the answers, I get the feeling that most people here assume that this means the FI is indeed the fastest car (oh and btw. the differences between place 1 to 6 are so small that it's probably just due to the small margin of error unavoidable with manual testing). That's simply not true. This test doesn't prove for example, that the FI is capable of faster lap times than the TR. It's possible, but this just isn't what this test is about.
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  19. I dont want no ban car,I even will take the ferrari,to ban some cars will still not make this game right,and a F1 game without FERRARI or Renault is not a F1 game,I'm pretty sure that other people are still interested in the lower cars
  20. My Mercedes is fast:)
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