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Misc Equal car performance mod 1.0

Every car with same performance

  1. Just one question... WHY ??? ^^
    Could be nice to see Marussia overtaking Mercedes, but it's not very realistic :D
  2. It's more fun to race, competitive, Marussia haven't the best aerodynamic, so the cars should be very closer in times, more realistic with the real formula one, and don't this formula mercedes that is happening actually in our TV's.
  3. Hey can you show how to mod this? I cant find anything on the internet. But thanks for your mod anyways since that comes close to what I wanted! Thanks

    Edit: Tried out the mod but nothing changed..

    I don't think Button and Alonso are that badly rated as drivers.. I also feel like the distance between all drivers got bigger.

    Only my own car was faster, first lap with the lotus: 1.25.8, which I usually only achieve with the merc's
    Last edited: May 30, 2016
  4. I know it will take some time but could somebody change the peformance of the teams so that they are very close?
  5. hey all, is this still actively going? i mean, i just got f1 2015, in hopes of "prepping" for a fun season of f1 2016. what are my necessities if anyone is willing to give me a little time... Im using a xbox360 controller, but obviously with everything, there is better stuff to have a better experience..

    people always mention using the steering wheel and such, is that THAT big of a difference? as in, i'm a racing person (not cars, other stuff, and no i'm not claiming to be amazing or good for that matter lol) i'm just trying to wrap my head around being 15 seconds (give or a take a few) per lap slower than some people on the tracks...i'm hitting all my marks, etc mistake free, racing ghosts etc. i get pulled down straight a ways and everything. what are all the secrets? not sounding like a dork lol but i like being competitive in everything we do,so im just asking questions...

    once again, if theres zero secrets and just download and race, then just tell me i just suck!

    every other game i played back younder!, i always had downloadable content, i guess that's what i'm asking.. where and how do i find the good stuff! :) thanks!