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Equal Car Online/Offline

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Robert Rudholm, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. What car do you use when you practice offline this year?

    In 2010 it was RBR but have heard that it might be Williams this year???

    Please help! I do all my setups and trainings offline and need to know that I make my settings to the correct car lol
  2. There is a known issue that the Torro and Renault are slower, even on 'equal' online settings.

    CM are 'aware' of it, but its not an easy fix due to the way the new car models work.
  3. I know of the Renault/Toro Rosso Bug.. But which car is considered equal when in online mode. Is it still Red Bull?
  4. Power/weight are based off the RB7
  5. Just by way of information, aparrently, the issues that relate to a lack of parity beween cars in "Equal" settings are to do with the accuracy of the car models this year and in particular, the difference in Wheelbase and how the wieght is distributed.

    When asked about this on Twitter, Steve Hood Chief designer for F1 2010/2011 has said;

    "Last year it was less noticeable due to simple setup/physics but this year it's better, car models accurate."

    Specifically in relation to the Torro Rosso's and Renault's he said;

    "Not a bug, it's the way the weight works on cars with different wheel bases. We're not finding them 1 second apart though."

    So Paul's probably right, there doesn't seem an easy fix unless you roll back the complexity of the car/handling model? :confused:
  6. So basicly what are the changes I need to do if I want my sauber car to run as smooth as my RB offline?
    What settings are the same and what settings do I have to change?
  7. Easy fix is just give everybody the same car, but textured with the livery of choice.
  8. The license would most certainly not approve of that.

  9. Game should be called A1GP 2011 then eh?

    Thing is, this bug is as a result of what we all demanded. We wanted better car models and physics and we got it - in most game modes the characteristics of the cars are faithful to real life.
    Now we demand the cars to be 'equal' - so exactly how do CM just 'turn off' the physics of the game?

    Not an easy fix. Im annoyed about the 11/11, corruption and other stupid bugs - but im gonna cut them some slack on this one.
  10. Well atleast they should state what differeces its between cars set on equal.. Now I dont know what to change in my setups..
    I heard its the anti-rollbars and chamber and only theese 2.. Rest is the same as RB??

    I would appriciate this very much if some1 would clarify this to me
  11. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    It has now been acknowledged by ARL that they were a bit hasty to point the finger and with suitable camber and ARB settings same lap times are achieved.
    My personal view is that this is not a game bug. Cars have difffering attributes but same potential lap times.
    In fact I like it a lot. I like playing with setups and it will advantage me against the "cut and paste engineers".
    Feels more real to me.

    Note to Peter: My first path on the setups would be to use the same car you will use online. Then try gearing adjustments in an online mode to deal with any HP change.
  12. It interesting that when you flick through the car selection screen, the differences in wheelbase are really noticeable. Just check out how long the McLaren is compared to the RedBull, its an absolute beast, yet you wouldn't notice this on telly unless they were stationary and side by side. Just looking at them you would expect the RB to be more flick-able in corners than the MC which should in turn, be more stable in a straight line? The first thing I thought when I saw this was how obvious it is was how different manufacturers have approached building an F1 car, while keeping with the rules. It's no wonder then that the cars all handle differently and CM have obviously taken that into account in the year’s game. I don't really see how this can be changed and, personally I'd rather not got back to the handling model in 2010 as this is probably the biggest improvement over last years game. Either way it's not a game-breaker for me!
  13. I don't get the A1GP comment (I also dont get the other that complains about licenses, if the HRT matching the speed of a ferrari does not violate them, painting the coat of red bull over a fractionally bigger car wont either). They provide an option (quite logical for multiplayer) that makes F1 cars perform equal. You dont turn off anything, you just set the same parameters for every car. Now they say that because the wheelbase is different the physics cannot be adjusted... then re-scale all cars to be of the same dimensions in "equal mode", I doubt that you will perceive the red bull to be 5% stretched while you try to dive on the inside of it.

    Independently of how serious is this bug (IMHO, much bigger problems are around) it is an easy fix.
  14. I look forward to seeing your fix.
  15. Obviously, it is an easy fix when you have the source... And I know what A1GP is, what I don't get is why would you ironize with it when we talk about the _equal performance_ feature.
  16. Ok, thx for all input lads! I will go and test out some new roll-bars and cambers :)

    So u suggesting that I practice with my sauber offline and make my setups?
  17. Obviously easy lol. Getting tired and this is not helping the OP, but to answer you - the reason I said...

    was because you said...

    Thats A1 mate.
  18. The grip and performance levels are entirely different models in my opinion. Offline having more of a downforce effect on the cars and online having more power. Online topspeed with same gears as used offline in equal performance was higher. Best bet is to do rolling qualification sessions with 1-3 lap races in between with your friends to sort you're setups. Also to answer your question regarding which car is modeled for equal performance is the redbull, was stated by paul jeal think thats his name in the ARL live stream.
  19. Still can't get into it. I feel more grip in online and and bit less downforce in fast corners. Obvious thing to do is to increase wings by 1 click. What i should do with rollbars? I usually set rear to 11 and then searching front to match my driving style. In last online session my car was too sensitive and i decreased front rollbar in qualification. It turned out to be a disaster because in the actual race my car was very understeery. Thats not what i want from a racing car :) I'm using Red Bull to find offline setup and i usually run Renault (yes) in online races. It looks like Renault have better traction (no TC involved of course), i'm always making up places on the grid just flying past people in front, but less front grip. So probably i should increase front camber too. Just tell me, i'm very confused what to do :)