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EOAA GT 1.02

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Patrick van Driel, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. To use this mod you need the GTR2 DVD to install.
    Read here:
    The installer for this mod will abort if the the original GTR2 DVD or CD is not in your CDROM drive. Please buy a copy! There is a regular installer, a North American installer and Polish installer. The 3 CD version of GTR2 works with the North American installer if CD2 is in your CDROM drive. The regular version and the Polish version has an orange cover with a MC12 leading at the crest of Eau Rougue and the North American version has a white cover with pictures of varying cars in several small boxes. The GTR2 Game of the Year Edition Viva Media which includes a GTR2 DVD and a GTL DVD works with the North American installer.
  2. for me one of the best mods for rfactor. its in my top 5, in rfactor mods.

    we have a forum in portugal, that makes fun races with this mod, every weeks...great funs we made.
  3. just to tell you guys, that this mod, is now available the 1.04 version.

    and new skins for the cars.

    i like this mod, very much.

    best regards