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Misc Enhanced Graphics Plus 1.3

No glare, no rain mist flickering

  1. Winner submitted a new resource:

    Enhanced Graphics Plus - No glare, no rain mist flickering

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  2. Good compromise: Less realistic mist but no more flickering and better visibility. Worked well with sweetfx. :D
  3. Joel


    Oh, I see this is why the other mod was deleted :D Gonna be sure to give this a go. Just remember though... If you delete this, please don't do it today :D
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  4. gracias
  5. Joel


    I noticed that the saturation becomes a little bit purple when in the Red Bull on a wet track... A track with raining. If this could be fixed, I would highly appreciate it.
  6. Congrates, you see redbull true colour with this mod: it has a purplish tint.
    Winner: Is it possible to have more mist without flickering ? Thanks.
  7. Winner updated Enhanced Graphics Plus with a new update entry:

    No flickering with realistic rain mist

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  8. Superb, thank you.
  9. Noticed some minor but tolerable flickering in some circuits using the realistic version. Nevertheless vast improvement compared with the original. Thanks.
  10. Joel


    No but with the RB some parts are purple and some parts aren't... It only happens in rain... Was doing USA in TT with it set on Wet, and that's where it started...
  11. I think it has some parts in purple, may be skin modders can comment on this.
  12. I have no problem. If for some reasons you still have flickering, use less mist option instead.
  13. See attached rb original skin, some parts are purplish :)
  14. Joel


    Alright, now it seems like the problem has been fixed again :thumbsup:... Thanks for all the replies though. And yes, I know that the Red Bull is purple! Duh ;)
  15. your mod not real because raining day not real in game with your mod no very less spray my car and other car without spray WHY
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  16. Hi winner, could you please reply to my message in the bahrain twilight race thread, thanks
  17. Joel


    Wait, so there's a higher concentration of spray on the other cars compared to you?
  18. BWX


    I just hope that you fully understand when the flickering happens and when it doesn't.

    I've seen so many people say the flickering is gone with a mod or whatever, and then when I test it, the flickering is only gone when it would be gone in vanilla game anyways, which is after you run the same track for a while, or after you run the same track a second time while the game is still running.

    But thanks for the hope. I'll definitely test it out.

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  19. Gotta say thanks for taking out some time to try and find the fix for this bug. Thank you
  20. Since I installed the No glare No rain flickering\realistic rain mist files yesterday evening, the game always crashes sometimes after the rain started (100% Melbourne GP, Race Only). I don't know if it's this mod, but before I copied these files yesterday, the game had not crashed since at least 3 months (since I removed the NVIDIA audio driver, in fact).
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2014