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Enhanced AA Settings?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Kayak83, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. What's the word on enhancing anti-aliasing? I've already added 8x sparse grid supersampling in Nvidia Inspector along with the in game 4x AA setting. Seems like it's not doing a ton of jaggie removal, though. Maybe I'm expecting too much. I've tried a bunch of other additional nvidia inspector settings with no improvement and I give up. I've also tried 4x DSR and honestly, I don't see what the fuss is about with DSR. I didn't see much improvement, and certainly not worth the GPU load it causes. Anybody have any recommendations?

    Also, should nvidia inspector AA mode be enhance? I assumed yes.

    Screenshot attached of my nvidia inspector profile. Currently getting 100 fps pretty easily on my GTX980.

  2. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    The problem is the shadow...the aa work with inspector but the medium to distant shadows are flickering and gives the ilusion that aa doesnt work..
  3. Also be aware that Sparse Grid Supersampling must be the same used in AA, like 4x both, or 8x both. You'll usually get weird results (or no results at all) if you mix things, i.e., 4x AA and 8xSGSS or vice-versa.
  4. Currently not using SGSS but having them both at 4x did get rid of a lot of jaggies, maybe not perfect but still the best you can get imo.

    I do agree with DSR being useless, no real difference other than that the menus get small and weird...
  5. I'm trying all I can to find how to turn off shadows all-together. Should help a bit. But mainly, the flickering in the distance and the horizontal AA along the barriers, for example, drive me crazy. I'll try 4x SGSS and 4x AA in the meantime.

    So far, for shadows, I've found in the main game files (in the steam folder, not my documents):

    common > assettocorsa> system > cfg > "ig_config.ini" - this has some interesting settings:
    "shadow_map_splits" settings that I think improve shadow draw distances.
    - currently set to: SHADOW_MAP_SPLITS=0, 150.0, 500.0, 1000.0

    common > assettocorsa> system > cfg >"graphics.ini"

    The extra sharpness granted by -2 is kind of like using sweetfx, which I think works well. And so far setting the map bias to 1.0 has much less shadowing, but still there. Setting it to zero didn't do anything. It's really been all trial and error so far!