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Engines on Mute

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Jack Olson, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    need some help please, i have race 07 and the GTR Evo add-on, everything is okay
    i downloaded the following add-on cars
    T2L AE86
    Golf R32
    997 & F430
    i've tried installing them more than 5 times now but i can't get the engine sounds to come up
    everything is okay, i can even hear the supercharger whine but there's no revving sound from the engines
    i tried following the links of the modder who created the cars, but i think the old forums are out of my reach

    everything is okay, no crashes, great display, good game play, except for one thing...no engine sound
    (i've tried to fiddle with the .aud files and the .eng files but it didn't help)
    i like these cars, i actually own an AE86 so it's a bit weird racing that car without the revving sound of the 4AG

    hoping for your help, more power

  2. up please, thanks
  3. Have you tried checking the names of the .aud files in the .inccar files??
  4. either u are breaking the folder structure of the mods included sounds or you are missing SimBin add-on content...
  5. thanks thanks, my bad, i was indeed breaking up the folders, hmmm, damn, i was putting it inside the "Car" folder instead of putting it in the "Sounds", i got it fixed everything sounds great now and i am actually trying my luck in creating my own sound mods for my fav cars
  6. glad to hear you have it sorted and look forward to hearing what you come up with sounds wise :)
  7. it's harder than i thought...i couldn't make a nice engine sound recording with my car, too much noise being captured but anyway, i am enjoying the ae86 mod, i can't get enough of it, wish there's a 6-speed LSD version, i know the 4AGE can take a 6-speed transmission with LSD, and i don't know, maybe we can amp the power a bit? just wondering
  8. to increase the sound volume add :v=1.5 to the end of the lines in the .aud file that you want more noise :)