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PC engineer mic shy

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Baz Cutting, May 11, 2015.

  1. hello guys is anyone else having a issue with engineer being mic shy,think i have heard him during race once since thursday.anyone know if there a quick fix or wait for patch and while i am talking damage in career not working either,i can ram a wall at 100mph and get no damage wtf
  2. NOT GOT A ANSWER BUT I GOT SAME PROBLEM, will let u know when got sorted how to solve
  3. Yeah, my engineer has socialising difficulties too
  4. was guna try deleting all game file data and see if that may work.works for other games sometimes so must be worth a try.quite annoying though.you would have fought they spotted this before release unless they did and working on patching it as we speak
  5. Mines on and off, some races he's very vocal, others he's on his lunch break.
    I'm starting to think some cars don't have a damage model, like the Caterham. Just ram whatever and no damage.
  6. Maybe offer him a few lagers to loosen up?
  7. He used to work for Kimi, now he's afraid to say anything. :)