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Engine mapping bug!

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Joakim Quensel, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. To prevent that other people gets as frustrated as I have been for the last weeks playing this game, I think that there should be a sticky thread informing about the engine mapping bug.

    In short:
    In order to get engine mapping = fast, you need to have it on standard in the garage, and change it to fast when on the track. If set to fast in the garage, it will allways be on standard (even if you change it to fast out on the track).

    As I understand it, the bug is for all formats (PS3, XBox, PC) and also in all driving modes (TT, race, practice etc) I belive.

    Engine mapping = fast is like getting +100ps. I would say you gain at least 1 sec per lap.
    For example at Monza, if you run in standard and your ghostcar is on fast you are one full dot behind on the minimap allready at the first chicane.

    Before I realized this, I was really frustrated. I hade some setups saved with engine = fast, and some with engine = standard (which I then changed out on the track). My performance on different tracks were so different from day to day. Sometimes, no matter how hard I tried, I was more than one second slower than the day before. Sometimes when doing minor changes in the setup, the car was all of a sudden much slower on the straights. Or faster. Nothing made sense. Until I found out about the bug.

    I have not raced online, but if the bug is there as well, knowing about this bug, and you opponents not, would be like participating in the special olympics without beeing handicaped.
  2. Thanks, good to know. I knew of the bug and I always change to fast on the circuit with the quick menu. But I've also had it on fast in the garage instead of standard. So I'll make sure garage setup is always standard before changing to fast with the quick menu.
  3. Good to know, thanks.
  4. yeh, i check my settings in the garage and it reverted back to standard, i now check in the car in race, shame you cant change it on the starting grid and reaching over to change causes issues whilst nailing from the start.

    great thread, thanks for the heads up
  5. SSsshhhhhhhhh!!!!

  6. James Chant

    James Chant

    Now you are in trouble Mr Rees, we all know your secret!
  7. Hmmm, can't keep a secret from us :p

    thanks for the info, no wonder im last in RD Races haha
  8. I was aware of this and have all my setups set to standard. However, when I navigate the d-pad menu at the start of a race it is sometimes already set to Fast regardless so it does make me wonder if I'm missing out on the extra performance :(
  9. How dare you claim my place as yours!!! Everyone knows Im the slowest driver. I challenge you to a race of the slowest, thats right, who can take the longest to do a lap of Spa? So far I have managed to rackup the amazing time of 4 days 9 hours 27 minutes and some seconds BEAT THAT! :D

    @Weyland Always make sure your set to standard or even cruise when in garage, its the only way that you'll get access to 'fast' in the race.
  10. I know that, Im saying that even if I set it to standard before the race, its still set to fast when I first access the d-pad menu after the race has started.
  11. That was a VERY slow lap!
    What was your engine mapping?
    Was the engine even turned on?
  12. Seems to me that you can have it set to fast on the menu and then when you start the race and check the engine, it's set to standard and when you change it to fast, it does change to fast. And I say that because on some tracks where I've had high gear set just right for the fastest portion of the course, the engine now hit's the limiter at the end of the straight when I change it and the car seems faster relative the other cars.
  13. When I did some tests in order to try to figure out exactly how this bug works, I had a setting = fast in the garage, went out on the track and quick menu showed standard, I changed it (in the quick menu) to fast but the car stayed slow. I am 100% sure that the change to fast in the quick menu at this time did not give the performance boos that you get from mapping = fast, but maybe the bug is more complicated than that, and it depends on other things (for example if you did a change in the quick menu befor saving your setup?).

    Would be nice if someone has the information EXACTLY hos the bug works. When running in TT-mode racing against your PB Ghostcar, it is quite evedint what your mapping is (given that you are sure about the mapping on your PB) but there could be other situations when its not that obvious if you are running fast or standard. What happens for example if you go in the garage and enter the setup menu (which could show mapping = fast even if setting was done with standard but you changed it on the track)? Do you need to change it back to standard before exeting the garage? Could it be that each time that you for some reason visit the garage, you need to go into the menue and change mapping to standard?
  14. Wow, how complicated can you make this sound! :D In a nutshell you have 2 choices...

    A) Leave the garage with a standard map, and you can change it to fast while on the track.


    B) Leave the garage with a fast map, the car wont actually be set to fast, nor can you change it to fast while on track.

    As a final on track check (maybe this is just on PC version) you can actually see the drivers hand move the setting on the wheel if its working. If you are selecting a different map while driving, and the hand doesnt move then you must have a fast map set in the garage and you will not be getting your 'boost'.

    I believe regardless of how you set your map while driving, if you return to the garage, it will reset as per your original setup, so just make sure your setup is saved with a standard map.

    So the bottom line here is, choose 'option A' and always leave the garage with a standard map - bosh!
  15. In garage have it set to standard - Out on track change it to fast simplez :)

    One thing i have noticed though and dont know the answer to - Occasionally when you have it set to standard in the garage and then go out on track and change it to fast it can already read that it is on fast. Weird!! I think if you save a setup in the garage and save it with standard throttle mapping, then load it up everytime you race its not so much a problem. I think its only when i start playing about with the throttle mapping while in the gargage. To sum it up, just save all your setups with standard throttle map.
  16. Sorry if I make this more complicated than it needs to be, but I am still not sure if I will get the "boost" or not in the following case:

    I start with a setup where engine=standard
    I go out on the track and change to engine = fast (but sometimes it is allready on fast, even though I start with a standard setting)
    I go back in the garage to change my setup (not engine related). If I now check my engine mapping it shows engine=fast (even though the last time I was in the garage, the setting was engine = standard, don´t know if this happens every time or when you have made changes in the quick menu but it happens!).
    If I now go out on the track, without changing the engine back to standard in the garage, will I have the "boost" or not?

    And another case:
    Same as before, but when I go in the garage, I don´t even enter the setup menu.
    But if I would have, the engine mapping would show "fast". Even though last time in the garage it was "standard".

    I would like to sort this out my self, but unfortunately I don´t have that possibility to play PS3 for the next couple of weeks so it will have to wait.
  17. try loading up a saved 'standard throttle map' setup. Try not to play with the mapping at all in the pits.
  18. So by this you mean that if the mapping by itself has changed to "fast" when I go into the garage I should leave it that way? And I will still get the boost?

    From my exerience it does not work this way.
  19. Changing the engine map on track should not change the map you have saved and configured in your garage setup.

    If that is the case, then that is a completely different bug.
  20. I don´t know what makes it change the mapping, all I know is that I leave the garage with engine = standard, and next time I go into the the garage, engine = fast.

    I guess it could be seen as two different bugs:

    One bug is that if you leave the garage with engine = fast, it will not be activated (no "boost") even if the quick menu says its on fast while on the track.

    The other bug is that what shows in the garage does not correspond to what you see in the quick menu when you enter the track. And when you go back in the garage, the mapping might have changed compared to what you had when you left the garage.

    But I would be surprised if the bugs are not in some way related to the same programming mistake.
    And if there only was one of these bugs, it would be easy to make sure that you allways get the "boost". But now it is a real mess!

    If you everytime you are in the garage, for which ever reason, before you enter the track you go into the setup menu and save a setting where engine=standard. And once on the track you change (if neccesary) the mapping to fast. Then you should be safe.

    Maybe I should change the topic of this thread to
    "I think everyone deserves to be confused about the engine mapping bug!" ;-)