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Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Oscar Luebbert, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. i have a lot of engines blown away.. i am using the forum set ups but with the kers an DRS is almost a suicide for the engine.. even if u map it all the way to the rigth. what are ur thougths on this matter..

    i want to have fun in career mode and play realistic but this is so anoying

    my goal in career mode is to play it fare and square like real life but with this going on.. is a NO go
  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Is it your driving style?

    A lot has been talked about how you cant shift down too fast.

    If you're shifting down too fast, then yeah, your engines are gonna blow
  3. I have done a lot of races, and never had an engine blown. It must be something with your driving style.
    Best thing is to wait before downshifting. Let the RPM get lower, so it won't over-rev when you downshift.
    When I shift down, I only see the green lights for a moment. It is not the fastest way, but a blown engine is much worse.
  4. Is your game updated? Because i was playing with patch 8 yesterday and i've noticed its worst than before, the engine cannot blow anymore, unless they have fixed it on patch 9.
  5. I did a 1:29 on New Delhi quali and didn't blow my engine. I thought I was shifting fast too!

    The first ever mention of the engine fix, I've mastered not blowing it out. Engine doesn't even turn red on me now.
  6. I just did a test with the patch 9 now. The engine blows, but its extremely stronger.
    Took me 3 laps "without" using the wheel brakes to blow it. Downshifting from 7 to 1 gear. Car status started showing the engine orange at lap 1 and on lap 2 started showing it red plus the gearbox orange, got it to blow on lap 3. Tested on Interlagos.
  7. i dont think is my driving style.. because i have the hud showing engine temp. and is green
    (i guess thats ok rigth)

    i been playing the game for 2 years and in previous years you can be on the 7th gear full kers and DRS and nothing bad happened. yes the engines may be not at a 100% afterwards but it raced good anyways...

    may be is the patch. i dont know.

    i just saw a hot lap video.. and the guy was on top rpm for like a 100 mters and nothing happend.. this is frustraiting to me..

    by the way i am in career mode. 1st race(aus). all the 6 and 7th gear to the rigth
  8. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Are you playing on PC? So do you have all the patches installed? Just making sure it's not just that. The engine used to blow a lot quicker in the release version and console versions didn't receive all the patches yet. :)
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  9. Nice! :D
    It wasn't a fast downshifting. Was? :confused:

    But i've noticed you can downshift much faster with no problems. My "normal" way of downshifting is like in the video, but i was trying something different today. Trying to adapt myself on chaging the brakes bias, did some laps on Monza changing the break bias to the front tyres for turns 1 and 2, also to help breaking i was really agressive with downshifting, got no problems with the engine. I guess now you have to downshift ultra-fast to damage it. At least on a few laps, maybe after a lot of laps with an agressive downshift can damage the engine, but i cant say it for sure. Weird thing is that when you damage it the gearbox shows that its damaged on the car status but it works as if nothing happened :O_o:
  10. Well, you didn't blow out during that attempt, so it's a nice baseline. :D

    Earlier patches, I was turning my engine red by the end of the race, but now it isn't even turning yellow. It's that toned down again.

    The best implementation of this would be the over rev protection. You can't change it when the computer determines that it would explode upon doing so. (It's an actual rule)
    And yet Codies didn't. :(
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  11. I haven't done any 100% race yet. But at least on 50% i was able to finish the race fine. But as you said, before the patches was a different story. I was able to finish them all, but a lot of times i saw some smoke before finishing it :rolleyes:
    When i did the test on Interlagos, just to see if the engine was indestructible, i've noticed some kind of over rev protection. If you try to downshift from gear 7th to 1st (while not using the wheel brakes) you cannot do it in one shot. The gear will stop downshifting when in high revs. I just got on gear 7 and then started pressing the downshifting paddle, i belive from gear 7th, it stopped on gear 4th, but i still kept trying to downshift, while i was losing speed it kept goint until gear 1st. Still not enough to prevent you from damagin the engine, but enough not to let you blow it on one shot.
    Don't know if you noticed it (maybe just my impression) but looks like if you go too fast on downshifting, enough to damage it, the car do some sort of shaking on the screen, i really don't know how to explain it, but the camera do some kind of "weird" movement to indicate that you are doing something wrong :O_o:
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  12. Mark Greenall

    Mark Greenall

    F1 2011 does the same.. I wonder if they implemented it from 2011?
  13. I've mentally trained myself to listen to the engine and prevent myself from gunning the shifts so fast. I haven't experienced ignored requests due to overrev protection though.

    I'll try it some more though, it could lead to a faster time.
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  14. Mark Greenall
    Maybe its this. F1 2011 "features" back.

    I really don't know if its going to improve your times. I did the same as you, always listening the engine to not downshift so fast. Another thing that i've noticed is that you'll not do any damage to the car if you downshift fast but not to a point to see the shifting lights of the previous gear. If you downshift and the racing wheel don't light anything, or just green lights, then you will not damage the engine. The screen effect only works when you downshift to a gear and see the purple lights as soon as you downshift. Anyway its good now imho, only thing i would like is some gear damages, like losing a gear due to "maniac downshifting" lol. At least now you can be fast, but on a realistic way, then its ok, no damage at all.
  15. to be honest with u guys i dont really see any bad in the way i shift gears on the game.. but ill try to be more carefull in that matter. i hope is a patch problem or something like that.

    thanks for all the help guyz :)