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Endurance League?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Christophe Berton, Jun 3, 2009.

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  1. Are there some other internation endurance league for rfactor on the net?
    Can you give me a link
  2. looks intresting thx
  3. intresting, i hope the drives will have enough time to prepare everything, a monthly race ?
  4. We are still working on all the details:) but yes you will have plenty of time to prepare for it.
  5. Currently ILMS has the best MOD for this, no doubt... FULL-version is restricted to a handfull of US-leagues though, public-version only contains 3 LMP2s + the C6R GT1 Corvette
  6. Any ideas when the league will start?
    I saw it on TBA status on the mainpage, we are a Endurance Team looking for some nice Endurance series.
    Good to see you guys working on that, hopefully you guys will start soon ;)
  7. The Endurance Series mod isnt released yet so thats one reason why there isnt any date for the league yet. :)
    Im sure the guys responsible for this league will give us the information needed when they are ready to do so.

  8. Ye it's best mod but it's not legal so .....We have to wait for Enduro racers Mod :)
  9. That was pretty much what I stated, yes :D The Public is 'legal' though I presume.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.