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EU Enduracers @ Sebring - Saturday 12th of November 2016

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Matheus Machado, Nov 4, 2016.

Added to Calendar: 12-11-16
  1. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing Premium

    Enduracers rF2.jpg
    A huge lineup of cars around one of the most iconic endurance venues!

    All premium members can sign up for this event and we have unlimited slots available so make sure to bring a friend. Sign up below and make sure to tag fellow community members who you think are up for a challenge!

    Join us as a Premium Member
    Not a premium member yet but interested to race with our group of friendly drivers? Click here for more information and learn how you can participate as well and become a premium member.

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    Racing Club Rules: click here
    Enduracers Endurance Series rF2
    Track: Sebring (Content is available via login in the server)
    Practice: 19:00 GMT (40 minutes)
    Qualifying: 19:40 GMT (15 minutes)
    Race: 20:00 GMT (90 Minutes) Day/Night transition

    Entry List P2
    1. Matheus Machado
    2. Shawn Jacobs
    3. Warren Schembri
    4. Matt88
    5. Yokoinkopp
    6. Tobias Röhner
    7. Peter Bakus
    8. Discovery.TV
    9. Azure Flare
    10. Bram
    11. 8 Bit Racer
    12. jfChampagne
    13. Queequeg
    14. Kresh
    15. Chark
    16. Davy Vandevenne
    17. Free Slot
    18. Free Slot
    Entry List GTE
    1. Reinhard Berger
    2. Norman Bruce
    3. Michael Morgental
    4. Specter1994
    5. St3fan
    6. Theo Van Der Brink
    7. Rob Milliken
    8. Enzo Fazzi
    9. ionONE1
    10. Joao Fernandes
    11. MustangSVT
    12. Roy Magnes
    13. Martin Vindis
    14. Francis76
    15. Fairbanks_ABGF
    16. Stephen Bailey
    17. Tero Dahlberg
    18. Adam Hodgkinson
    19. Nate Lupson
    20. Kyran Parkin
    21. Yuri
    22. Free Slot
    Signups are limited to 42 cars, more slots will be added as needed. (37/42 atm)

    UTP: 89
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2016
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  2. Reinhard Berger

    Reinhard Berger

    sign me up please, with a GTE car.

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  3. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing Premium

    I'll be driving the Ligier, not sure which engine yet:)
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  4. Shawn Jacobs

    Shawn Jacobs
    SpeedyMite Racing Premium

    P2 please
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  5. PaulH


    In with GTE plz :thumbsup:
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  6. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri

    P2 please!
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  7. Matt88

    Team Manager and Driver - MK Simsport Premium

    YEAH!!!!! P2 please :):):)
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  8. Yokoinkopp

    Richard Reckmann Premium

    P2 for me thank you
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  9. Would loved to have joined and get back into my race seat again, but won't be home that night.:cry: I hope more races to come like this in the future.:thumbsup:
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  10. Rui F. Martins

    Rui F. Martins

    sign me up, not sure about the class yet, i'll have to give them a try first :thumbsup:
  11. Tobias Röhner

    Tobias Röhner
    Germany's greatest Indycar Fan. Premium

    I'm in as well. P2 for now, but I'll switch if we need to fill up the grid in one way or the other :)
  12. What to come...
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  13. Norman Bruce

    Norman Bruce

    sign me up with a GTE please :thumbsup:
  14. Sign me up please, P2 cheers.
  15. Peter Bakus

    Peter Bakus
    BACKO Premium

    Im in P2 , cheers ;-)
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  16. Peter Bakus

    Peter Bakus
    BACKO Premium

    I thought the race is tonight just jump to the server and just one guy there who told me the race is 12'th lol :laugh:
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  17. Shawn Jacobs

    Shawn Jacobs
    SpeedyMite Racing Premium

    :D can't blame you for being enthusiastic! Thankfully it is a week away, I will need the practice!
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  18. JoãoBessaM


    Sign me into the P2's please
  19. Erhan Jajovski

    Erhan Jajovski

    My first rFactor 2 event! Sign me up with P2.
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