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Enduracers - Endurance Series

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by klo-che, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. klo-che

    EnduRacers Modding Team



    EnduRacers Modding Team is proudly releasing the Service Pack 1 dedicated to the Endurance Series mod for rFactor. Revamped, improved, perfected, the add-on will give a whole new dimension to the whole mod.

    The introduction of 6 new, high quality models gives the mod an addition to the content that was missing in the initial release. The provided models all have their own feeling, immersion, qualities and specificities. We have in addition brought in new technologies to the mod, such as fresnel shaders that add more visual quality to the car’s appearance, but also new lens flares. We thank this to Some1’s work, as this upgrade shows a forward step in visual realism.

    We also want to point out that you should read through the readme carefully. You will find a lot of important information in order to use the mod in the best possible way. Don't forget that the mod is very big – in several meanings of the word – and that this is mod is all about endurance. Don't make a judgement by doing only 2 laps with 1 car, but take your time to get to grips and really appreciate it. A well set-up car will give you plenty of fun, so take your time and put in the effort to set-up the car to your own liking.

    Some words more...

    The community has changed a lot during the last years, mainly due to the release of new games such as GTR. This has attracted new people who are rather into gaming than into pure simracing. The atmosphere in the community has been deteriorated significantly and the respect among people has disappeared.

    We truly know that while the first players will enjoy our work on the SP1, some others will simply don't care and will already been cracking and stealing our work to make their "own custom conversions", without any form of authorisation. It has happened with the v1.0 release and unfortunately we know that it will happen again. We know the identity of these guys and where we can find them, but we would still like to point out that this destroys our motivation to spend time on modding, completely!

    To all the people that like our work and who have a certain amount of respect for us and the time we spend for you, we encourage you to ban, censor and ignore the F1Classics forum and all other similar forums, home of rippers, thieves. We also encourage you to ban, censor and ignore the "supposed modders" that spend their time there and are stealing our work. These respectless few are destroying it all and are figuratively killing not only us, but just as well the future of simracing. We will not be able to keep modding for years it the situation stays like that.

    We encourage in addition all the leagues to stop using "custom mods" found on non reliable websites like that and based on real games rippings, and prefer using original mods created by modders. We need your support.

    Thank you.

    2 - FEATURES - SP1 :

    * Graphics - Added 6 new 3D models :
    P1- Peugeot 908 HDI (Spec 2007-2008-2009-2010 ALMS/LMS/LM)
    P1- Audi R10 TDI (Spec 2006-2007-2008-2009 ALMS/LMS/LM)
    P2 - Porsche RS Spyder Evo (Spec 2007-2008-2009 ALMS/LMS/LM)
    P2 - Acura ARX-01 (Spec 2007(01a)-2008(01b)-2009 ALMS)
    GT1 - Saleen S7R (Spec 2006-2007-2008-2009 ALMS/LMS/LM)
    GT2 - Ferrari F430 (Spec 2006-2007-2008-2009 ALMS/LMS/LM)

    * Graphics - Included 2009 Aero kit of the Porsche 997RSR GT2, including new cockpit rev lights.
    * Graphics - Included 6 High definition cockpits coming with the new models.
    * Graphics - Included new high definition OZ Rims.
    * Graphics - Added new fresnel shaders technology for all models bodyworks, with new cubemap and reflections.
    * Graphics - Added new lens flares technology for all the models, for front and brake lights.
    * Graphics - More then 235 new high definition car skins included, fitting the new models and some of the v1 models.
    * Graphics - Added several real driver helmets, real driver and pitcrew suits.
    * Graphics - New UI menu designs.

    * Sounds - High quality sounds for all 6 new cars.
    * Physics - Overall improvements on car physics (including updates on v1 cars).
    * Physics - Physics - Overall improvements on car damages (including updates on v1 cars).

    Known issues :

    * Graphic bug making the cars look dark when moving from Endurance Series mod to another mod (caused by new fresnel shaders). When you go from 1 mod to Endurance Series mod, or contrary, it's better to leave and start again the game.
    * Due to mapping limitation issues, the Team Oreca Peugeot 908 skin has not been reproduced at 100% in a realistic configuration.

    3 - README:


    4 - TRAILER:


    * All EnduRacers stuff included in this pack is under protection of Creative Commons intellectual work protection licences.
    * All files included in this mod (including 3d files, sounds, physics, skins and all other files) are property of EnduRacers.
    * It's not allowed to modify the 3d model, or other 3d parts of the mod. Physics or sounds files are not allowed to be modified.
    * It is not allowed to use content of the mod on any other mod can it be public or for league usage without agreement from Enduracers.
    * It is not allowed to convert the mod on any other platform without agreement from Enduracers.
    * This mod may not be profited commercially by a third party.
    * EnduRacers © 2010

    6 - TEMPLATES:

    The templates and 3D scenes of the SP1 have been worked on and are ready for release. We will diffuse them in 1 month. We have spend time on the more then 235 skins that are included in the SP1, and we would like you to enjoy them before creating custom skins.


    * Don't forget to read through the readme carefully again, you will find a lot of important information in order to use the mod in the best possible way. The FFB values and advices were updated to fit the SP1, so read them again !
    * Don't judge it by doing 2 laps with 1 car, take your time to learn it and really appreciate it.
    * EnduRacers will offer official support of the mod on his official forum ONLY : http://enduracers.easyforum.fr


    * If you downloaded the Endurance Series SP1 Pack, you need the v1.0 and v1.2 (or V1.2 FULL) installed on your computer already. Install the SP1 in your rFactor main folder, over the v1.2 of the mod.
    * If you downloaded the Endurance Series v1 SP1 FULL Pack, Install it in your rFactor main folder.

    9 - DOWNLOADS:


    © Enduracers Modding Team
  2. Awesome! Thank you guys. :)
  3. Great news and thanks very much for all the very hard work - this is a huge Service Pack :)

    Grats to all for getting it out.
  4. Great. :)
    Thank you very much.
  5. Very nice - shame it was released just when I was going to bed! :tongue:

    I will be downloading this tomorrow, make no mistake.
  6. Small question for you Marc:

    In terms of collaborations, will you be working to bring the currently standalone Lola Aston Martin and R15 TDi mods into the mod? I know the Lola Aston is created with ILMS in mind, is that a no go?

    Also will you be looking at working with SRPL's shaders at all? I know a little trade was offered by SRPL ;)
  7. Thank you very much for this. Your time and effort to bring this mod to us is very much appreciated. :)
  8. Thank you!
  9. un grand MERCI les gars!!!! ;)
  10. Fantastic! Thank you.
  11. Cong Enduracers Modding Team all staff,
    Awesome job,thx !! Many thx !!
  12. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin

    Thanks guys great job.
  13. Loving this even more than the original. Just epic in every single way.

    The light shaders are great, I was following a mate who was driving the 908 and watching the brake lights change as he turned into a corner was just brilliant.

    Sounds are amazing as usual and the cars feel great to drive. The weird oversteer seems to be pretty much fixed too.

    Great work!
  14. Superb! Thanks very much for all your hard work on this, will download and try a little later this eve.
  15. Just drove with Ferrari and Saleen. The handling is great and the FFB the best I have experienced with rFactor.
  16. Booo Hissss!!
  17. I know your love affair with Porsche so its good to know that we hopefully have at least one Porsche in next round of RDLMS. :)
  18. That all depends on if i can bring my team mate out of rfactor retirement:tongue:
  19. wow, brilliant job, looking superb!
  20. Runnin this on the Blue Flame Server right now if anyone wants some online action?