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Featured EnduRacers Endurance Series Mod Update

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Paul Jeffrey, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    EnduRacers Endurance Series.jpg
    Things have been a little quiet from the EnduRacers team since the hugely successful release of their Flat6 Series mod for rFactor 2 recently, but the guys and girls over at this talented modding team have now released some interesting news regarding the upcoming Endurance Series mod.

    With a proposed multi-build release schedule featuring a number of high profile and desirable vehicles from the world of Endurance racing with 4 LMP2 class cars and 6 GTE specification machines already confirmed and further models and features to be announced at a later date.

    To help support and grow the huge rF2 mod the team over at EnduRacers have recently announced a collaboration with payware mod team United Racing Designs to share 3D models amongst themselves aimed to help bring further cars in a quicker timeframe to the Endurance Series modification.

    EnduRacers released the following statement on the new collaboration:

    "EnduRacers Modding Team and United Racing Design agrees graphic resources exchanges.

    EnduRacers is happy to communicate that we have agreed with URD team some graphic resources sharing's, within the development of our own mods. The agreement will benefit each team to use some 3D models created by the other one for free activities.

    Each team remains free to develop any 3D model without limitation. For Enduracers this agreement will help us keep the Endurance Series rF2 mod alive after the upcoming build 1.00 release, knowing that we are suffering skills and available talents to develop new 3D models. The first concrete application for Enduracers is the integration of the Corvette C6.R (GTE spec) and the Corvette C7.R Stingray. The C6 will be included in the first release, and the C7 in a upcoming build."

    EnduRacers Endurance Series URD Resource Sharing.jpg

    Despite URD previously releasing payware mods based on unbranded GT racing cars (EGT Series) and Prototype style vehicles (PX1) as well as DTM esq touring cars (T5 Series) it is not thought this new collaboration will have any effect on the EnduRacers intention to release Endurance Series free to all owners of the rFactor 2 software.

    For many this is welcome news and offers encouraging possibilities for the hotly anticipated new rFactor 2 mod as the team over at EnduRacers have admitted they are suffering from a lack of 3D moddlers capable of producing new content for the sim. Currently URD have models for LMP1 and GT specification cars that could theoretically be utilised in the new Endurance Series mod.

    As revealed in our recent interview with Image Space Incorporated the team responsible for rFactor 2 are looking to incorporate a 2016 specification Formula One car into the sim in coming months and that new addition should also bring with it hybrid motor simulation that is currently prevalent in LMP1 and World Endurance Series style racing these last few years.

    With the possibility of a fleet of recent era LMP1 models available to utilise coupled with upcoming hybrid simulation and plethora of LMP2 and GTE series cars already in the works the potential for EnduRacers to produce something rather epic with this mod have just gone through the roof with this latest announcement.

    I was already excited about how this mod is progressing and this latest news is another positive sign that the people behind the Flat 6 Series and older rF1 versions of Endurance Series are on to a very big project that could be just what the doctor ordered for the low on content rFactor 2 simulation.

    To help pass the time while we wait on further news why not check out our rFactor 2 forum for all the latest news and mods or take in a couple of our highly entertaining Club Race events in ISI's flagship simulator right here on RaceDepartment.

    Are you looking forward to the next EnduRacers release? Did you play the Endurance Series mod on rF1? What are your expectations for the rF2 release? Do you think the collaboration between URD and EnduRacers is a good or bad thing? Let us know below!

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  2. That's some very good news. Hope to join a league running this when they release
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  3. Both teams can benefit a lot from this. Great news if you ask me.
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  4. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing Premium Member

    I think it will make the general development process a lot faster. And that can only be a good thing:)
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  5. Anything that's being thrown into rF2's small but growing pool of mods is good enough. Great to hear that some modders are still willing to give this game a chance.
    (let's just hope they don't screw the tires up this time...)
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  6. I gotta say.. Lately Ive been falling in love with RF2 and the main car I drive is the Flat6 mod. That is such a quality mod. And funnily enough my second favorite mod is the EGT mod by United. So this is fantastic news for me. I always underestimated this game. But now that i have a decent setup, its true potential is showing. Will definitely be following this.. thank you
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  7. United Enduracers Design! While this is fantastic news I also find it sad that a team as revered as the Enduracers are finding it tough to attract enough talent to complete their own mods. For me rF2 is the greatest piece of software I've ever grabbed by the wheel and it pains me to see it not achieve the recognition I feel it deserves. rF2 has taken a lot of flak lately for various reasons, a lot of it unjustified IMO, but every title has their plus and minus points. I hope this will be the start of a golden era for rF2 as I for one am here for the long road ahead. Best of luck to both URD and Enduracers with this mutual effort to bring superior quality to rF2.
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  8. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper
    Premium Member

    Yep I agree with @SimJim70

    I really enjoy the URD content and yes I know it's paid for but it's well made and a lot of love and care goes into creating them. A little while back I lost the original install files, sent them an email and within ten minutes I had an up to date link sent back.

    As mentioned above I think ER are having real trouble finding modellers to complete the project. Maybe someone could comment, but I think modelling the car and physics is much harder for RF2? Just seems to take a long while for any new content to appear.

    This is a good tie-up between two good mod suppliers, I enjoy the prototype pack from URD a lot. Even though they are a handful!;)

    Thinking about it I guess this doesn't do any harm to URD as such as the ER mod was never designed to include LMP1 cars. Just LMP2 and GT class.
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  9. physics yeah but moddeling a car is almost the same thing for any sim IMO, the lack of interest from modders is the worrying point especially because these are mainstream cars
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  10. If ISI would know what would like to do with the game and would share that with us things would be different. But as far as they don't know why do they exist in simracing world there will be less and a less interest in this game. Blame ISI not modders ;)
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  11. huh I didn't blame anyone
    Tho yes ISI is to blame on this. If P Cars had mod (physics) support and driver swap (does it have it?) in online races there would be no reason to host leagues in rF2 even and especially endurance ;)
    Just let's not turn this into another "blame ISI" thread please :) enjoy the awesome Enduracers mod and let's race
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2016
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  12. That's not my point :D
  13. I did misread then :D apologizes
  14. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels
    Premium Member

    Great move. More modding teams should do that. So the production speed and quality from both groups go up.
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  15. Peevee88

    Premium Member

    I wonder how this impacts people who bought URD PX1 and are still waiting for them to deliver. Their stuff is great (bought it all for both rF2 and AC) and I drive their rf2 stuff regulalrly, but URD support is almost non-existent and they seldom deliver on promised deadlines which in my book is a no-no if you charge for content.....
    Nevertheless, as a big sportscar/prototype fan, I am looking forward to whatever comes from this collaboration
  16. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    What I'm reading from the post is that Enduracers are getting the free Corvette 3d models that are already completed and all Enduracers have to do is add Physics, If I am reading this right there is nothing for URD to do other than send the files over, right?
  17. well people can't forget that paid or not URD is still just a modding group, not a professional gaming company. Sometimes even big gaming industries can't keep the deadlines let alone people doing this stuff
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  18. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    Isn't getting paid the definition of professional?:)
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  19. Not always, not to me at least. If I did mods I would charge, but wouldn't consider myself a pro. I don't think URD does either. You see you can find athletes that are amateurs and can still make some money from it.
    Even if they consider themselves "pro" there is a limit on how much you can expect. A big company with a good selling game sure can keep their promises (and they can fail too) a lot easier than small ones.
    This is like expecting Reiza to build a sim so good NASA will use it to simulate future moon racing. Won't happen.
    Of course sometimes even when you don't expect much these companies or amateur groups that charge still fail to do the basics. Like a mainstream "sim" out there :whistling:
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  20. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    No, sorry but you can't change the definition of professional. I understand what your saying but to use athletics as the example is to propagate the corporate line and definition of professionalism. They want to keep the amature definition at all costs on athletes to keep their pockets full instead of the athletes. The modders get paid and we should expect them to act like a profressional.
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