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End qualifying option online

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Richard Robson, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Can only comment on PS3 version as this is all I’ve used but would imagine the option is on all formats -

    Who the <removed> decided we needed an end qualifying button?

    If you enter a race with Q and R why try and end Q early, yes you’ve set a fast time but let others finish.

    Very very annoying, it’s wrong and needs changing asap imo.
  2. Bram

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  3. Because its used to express feeling without visual. It's part of the English language and its 2011 but that's why I'm not a mod and you are so apologies.
  4. Richard I totally agreed. Just because you can't be bothered
    to qualify or your way of the pace you have the option
    to start a vote to end qualifing!! I think it's some sort of joke
  5. Can’t believe nobody else has a problem or opinion with this option?
  6. I have to agree that it is an unneccesary option, don't see the point of having it at all. That and the anoying popups everytime someone joins or disconnects is very, very disturbing when you are trying to focus on racing.
  7. Oh yeah man, the A4 size box that keeps popping up right across the screen - I mean come on!

    A tiny green light for when you hit the DRS zone (which is fairly important) yet a popup the size of god to tell you JoeBloggs left the game. Good thinking!!
  8. Good points, one thing I can’t get my head round is why would you join a Q & R when want to skip Q? Went on yesterday, hosted a Q & R game was playing around with my setup to try and improve my personal time went out and was just starting my hot lap and bang Qualifying ended with a vote...

    Very frustrating in my opinion and very unnecessary.

    At least give the host an option to switch this feature off
  9. 2 things i hate which have been brought up.

    The option to end Qualifying Early.
    The big grey UGLY box which shows up all the dam and take up alot of room.
    AND....when 5 people Ready up in a Race it automatically starts the Counter, how ridiclous.
  10. I agree that this vote to end qualifying is complete BS! I was running Brasil last night...set pole on primes by a 1/2 a second...I take my time save my tires to get back to the pits...some guy goes out almost 2 seconds faster than me...I wait another minute, tweak my set up, put on options, go out with 3 min to go in the session. I take the green and am purple in sectors 1 and 2 only to get the vote to skip the rest of quali with like a minute and a half left in the session...are you freakin kidding me! What a JOKE!
  11. Haven't bought the game yet, but you say that online races auto start after 5 people ready-up? That sounds like a great feature and just what I'd been hoping for. I've wasted so much time in lobbies waiting for the host to wake up. Although, perhaps 5 does sound a bit eager. A percentage of ready racers would make more sense.
  12. Being able to end qual early...sucks.
    Big Box that pops up every time someone comes and goes....sucks.

    But what will ruin this game online, is the ability to completely ignore some corners and chicanes.
  13. Yeagh but it seems to restart if someone else joins the lobby
  14. me and a lad just did a 10 man race, qualified 2nd and 3rd but started the race 7th and 8th, whats that all about? Can't they even get the basics right .
  15. That could have meant a reversed results grid start. It's supposed to make it more fair since the faster players start at the back. it would only make sense for the sprint races w/ no quali tho.

    Also I see nothing wrong with a unanimous quali skip. if you go out and put your fastest time in w/ 10 min left and everyone else does as well, then why waste tires and time for no reason. but yea it should have to be unanimous otherwise it's really unfair. and what resolution are you guys playing on for that box to be so big, I've got it on 1280x720 and it's not a big problem at all. although I would prefer a server chat line going in the top left like I'm used to.
  16. The problem is if you don't put your fastest time within 10 mins, or even 5 mins from start. The others can pass the vote without you, it doesn't require unanimous ruling.
  17. Session start activation
    I haven't got that far into seeing all these new things but the 5 people readying up activates the start session counter needs to be changed into a toggle option that can be activated in the create session options.

    Message box
    The message about people joining, leaving/loosing connection needs to be changed as well. in F1 2010 it wasn't to bad to see that box apear so why make it different (must be to annoy us and have a excuse to release a patch lol).

    Short cutting
    I was spectating a race last night (looking at the new feature) and i watched in distigust as a guy on the Melbourne track took every single short cut (ok it was his in lap) but hey if he can do that on a in lap then what say's he didn't do that on his flying lap (which i missed) he was over 3 seconds faster than anyone else which makes me think he did use at least 1 short cut.

    Graphics and game controls
    Everytime i load the game i have to set the graphics to the settings i use and i have to change the control type from keyboard to the wheel, this is very annoying and i don't know if its a steam thing or what but i hope they fix this because if i forget one day in perhaps a league race i could find myself as i was in last nights race with no option to do anything apart from take screenshots and use windows live.