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End of an era

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. As my external fileserver contract time is about to end, i'm considering of not continuing it anymore. I got enough cloud storage plus DDNS redirect is just too handy to share directly from my private fileserver to handle my personal filesharing needs. In any case, i see very few reasons to pay for something i already have. It was handy while it lasted and we could salvage most of the XPacks under one address.

    So that's about to end. Grab what you can within a month. I'll try to extend the lease to 1st of december but don't count on it: I get one 30 day extension at the end of contract (superb function btw, provider has always been Kuvat.fi Pro, if you're scandinavian, it's 20€ per year for 50gb and no other limits, it's fast and like i said, NO other limits;)..) and if i time it right, i'll get to 1st. Download, archive, upload and share the links.

    Everything you see here is my own personal archives. I have not acquired all permission (textures..) to all files, use and take all responsibility for using them. My own creations are there too, use digression and remember to ask if you're unsure what to do. I trust you guys but if i see even one thief, i' will hunt him down. That's a promise.

    Navigation tip.. .The doubledots .. take you one level back. You can navigate like you do on your computer, click on folder, it opens, click on link, it downloads. If it shows gibberish, use another browser (or use rightclick on mouse on top of the link and choose "save as")

    BTB Archives:

    Other simracing related stuff:

    I thank everyone in this awesome community to make this last so long. It doesn't mean the end of all, just a reorganizing to be ready for the next gen. Personally i won't be releasing any scratch built regular tracks anymore but it's time to have some fun... We have tons of unused glitches and stuff to make a completely new games if we want.

    Feel free to comment, leave your own links etc.

    Moderator could sticky this for a month.EDIT: Thank you ,sir! Just addition, there will be tons of links going offline from the forum at the same time.. I'll try to update the most important ones but remind me if something useful disappears. I can't in anyway remember what is linked to where.
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  2. thanks for hosting the stuff :)
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  3. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Moderator can!

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  4. ebrich


    Yes thanks for your time and work, Kennett.

    I would gladly pass some time uploading to the Xpacks but as one can see when I go near the download xpacks I keep loosing the page (or my marbles) and have to start again. No idea what happened to the sketchup6. Thanks for erasing those errors, someone.

    Have fun - and lots of it.
  5. Second to last reminder. The extension lasts to 8th of this month.

    The BTB folder as a whole was 3.6gb so it fits well to my cloud. So the files are not lost and will appear online maybe sometime next week.. I still haven't upgraded my new connection, 1mb upload is slooow.. I need to schedule transfer to some time when i'm not gaming online... that leaves nights...:geek:
  6. I have Sketchup 6 safely stored on my server if you want a link.
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  7. I would like it !
  8. Once the email is read tomorrow, the cream.galleria.fi is closed.
    XPacks and tutorials can be found here: http://www.wuala.com/SquidCap/BTB/

    Moderator: This thread can now be closed and unstickied.. Thanks for co-operation ;)
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