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Empty Lobbies

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Vence Alfred, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. After 4 days, I have yet to see any other other drivers in the GTL lobby. Bummer for such a gem. "roist1" on Steam.
  2. It's a while since I've been online in GTL. There are potentially two issues. GTLs publisher went bust, the official lobby went down and so a new lobby was set-up independently which required small changes to the game to reach. I'm not sure if everyone has come back to the Simbin lobby since it was set up. The second issue will be time of day. To find others on the lobby you will have to try during the evening European time. GTL was never popular outside Europe, and eight years on this will be even more marked.

    I'm sure others with more on-line experience will be able to give you more help.

    these are instructions for switching lobbies

  3. It's quite an old game by now, so finding someone at random is pretty impossible. Join the GTL racing club here (or elsewhere), and race with others at specific dates and times. The guys in the GTL club here are awesome.
  4. Thanks guys. It runs so much smoother than Race07, I figured it newer. That game has default lobby support. I'll try the suggestions and keep my eyes peeled for the GTL Club thread.
  5. However, I also realize that if it's not brand new, going around an oval, and is a physics heavy European series based sim racer, I'm pretty much at the mercy of GMT. No problem.
  6. Yep, the events are scheduled to Euro times.
    However, we regularly get drivers from outside Europe in these events, I'm from Australia (and we sometimes get other Aussies) and we have at least two Canadian's and sometimes others from the US.
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  7. Thanks Warren. Totally worked! Will go to thread as well to give a token of gratitude there as well.