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Empty Box not longer covering a game

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by David Ignjatovic, Dec 24, 2015.

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  1. The ultimate insult to SMS and their fanboys. Empty box does not feel that Pcars is worthy of any more race sim reviews or videos. A bit like Grid or Ridgeracer. But I get his meaning, they (SMS) and their (few over the top maniacal investors) fans have really caused the septic atmosphere.

    Personally I like it, it works for me. Playing it tonight actually. Love Oulton Park and the GT3 class.
    ps, I just realised that's the only bit I like. Ah well...........that's life.:thumbsup::whistling:
    Having said that, I enjoy the new Renault pack. It's real good.
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  2. ThatRacingGuy

    I drove 88 MPH last night... weird stuff happened Premium

    I think Empty Box is right and be honest PCars will never be a "sim"

    Don't get me wrong PCars is a fun racing game and one of the best Racing games out there.

    And i Don't mind if he will never make video's about it.

    As long as SCE stays. :) LOL
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  3. I could care less!
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  4. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Me thinks you need to see this video :)
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  5. I think the problem is the SMS engine, and the mentality of dracula(bell).
    As i said before, chronus could've singlehandedly fixed F1 2015 as it has limited cars, and it would cost approx 100k.....could he fix sms mess?...thats an unknown,but if you bypass proper physics in the name of accessibility, anythings possible.
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  6. The exact response i wanted. lol This video i watched in the past and thought it was very funny, thanks!
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  7. DayGlow

    Hired Goon Premium

    I find it very telling that the trolls here have missed the biggest point that Empty Box made.

    He didn't enjoy pCars, so he won't play it. He doesn't bash it and go on and on. He plays what he enjoys and suggests others do the same.

    Some here simply can't get over that. The need to put the game down constantly seems to be their drive. Kinda sad. Also humorous that there's a septic atmosphere in this forum, mostly created by the exact opposite kind of people mentioned in the video.

    What's really funny is the intense need by some people that somehow by playing what they deem as the ultra real sim makes them superior to others. Can't just play, but have to go out to put down everyone else that is lesser than them.

    I enjoy pcars. It's it realistic? To a point, but the most important part is that I find it fun. Truthfully I don't find any sim all that realistic simply because the actual feel of motion is lacking. It's hard to hold a slide based on visual input only. Some feel FFB makes up for it, but I don't think unrealistic outputs from a FFB makes a sim more real.

    In the end you really should just play what you like instead of desperately seeking validation from others.
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  8. Jeff Huber

    Jeff Huber

    You know what? I have been reading quite a few complaints from a lot of different people on the whole Pcars thing , and I'm starting to totally understand where Matt is coming from. I bought Pcars only about a month ago , but have spent a lot of time trying to figure things out in it , and I did , and I am having some fun it. But learned real quick it was not on par with what iracing , GSCE , RF2 , AC and RRE is. It's made for a console racer....not a hard core sim racer on a high end PC with good equipment. BUT....it is what it is , and again....I have had some fun in it. I don't mind the :"Gamish " feel , because I now expect it.

    To me...it feels "un-finished ". The MP community are the guys who are really pissed off about it , and I don't blame them. It sounds like a complete PIA to race that "game " online. I think the correct word for it is " sim-cade '.

    After spending the past couple days researching the Project cars website forums and the Steam forums about this sim-cade game....I'm actually a little pissed off!

    Not because the game can act like a POS , but because of the way the moderators and Dev's have handled certain questions and criticism!

    WHAT I DON'T GET.....is this game was supported by 1000's of people , a huge community backed these guys with something like 1.5 million dollars so they could get this game made. And they treat their customers like that? They ban people from the forums for asking a question , a mod belittles the guy asking the question......then the next thing you know , they ban him?

    After reading some of Ian Bell's ( and some of the mods ) comments towards people and his arrogant / ignorant replies , I seriously started to get pissed off. To the point of wanting to meet him in a dark alley.

    The mods there....on the whole " of course triple screen works......works better if you have all the screens flat....no need to angle them.....every other sim is incorrect for suggesting FOV should be 179 degree's ( or something close to that ).....you're all stupid....we're right "

    This all started with Matt's video. I've always enjoyed "most " of his videos and this one had me thinking " Hmmm?....maybe I should find out why this game has pissed him off ". he DIDN'T have to say it in the video......I'm pretty certain I know the reasons why now.

    Matt also said " Hey , if you're happy playing this game , feel free....but I'm not making any more videos about it , because I don't enjoy playing it ". I think that is 100% true coming from him , but I also think it was being very politically correct by NOT saying what he really wanted to say.....and that SMS didn't deliver what they had said they would....and basically between deaf eared DEV's and idiot mods......the game will go absolutely no where!

    Sorry for the long rant , but this really kind of ticked me off. I back Matt and don't blame him one bit. And after the sh!t show on a bunch of different message boards as of late.....if they think that it won't hurt their sales on Pcars 2......they will be sadly mistaken. On the PC side of thing for sure....console players....that'll be up to them.
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  9. xnorb


    I'm with lots of people in regards to PCars.
    No matter how realistic or arcadish PCars is, it's not the sim that makes us have a negative attitutde towards it and SMS, it's the way SMS treats their customers and how aggressive many PCars backers appear in internet discussions.

    You like it? Play it!
    You don't like it? Don't play it!

    Empty Box doesn't want to play it, so he doesn't play it anymore and therefore there's no content for it on his channel anymore.
    He shouldn't have given any reasons at all. It's his decision and we have to accept it.
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  10. Ah, the old name calling again. Anybody with anything negative to comment on it is a troll. We get it. But we see it the other way around. The trolls are the one's who come on calling names and labelling people for their opinion, deliberately trying to stir it up. The troll then gets many likes from fellow trolls who migrate to this place from their comfortable base where they just fawn over the game and agree with it's dodgy developers on every point.
    Anyway, Empty Box has made his point. He only reviews sims.
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  11. Excellent post Jeff.
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  12. Trolls=real people and their opinions vs paid employees/investors and their KNOWN biased opinions, right, got it.

    One thing I find odd these days is that some people don't like being called a casual gamer, but the truth is, if you avoid sims{mainly on pc and not reserved for racing games} you typically qualify as a casual gamer, now of course, someone like Andy is a known sim fan who obviously dabbles with simcade titles, but he's not constantly starting arguments, LYING and trying to silence discussions.

    For those of you who've forgotten, I've always maintained that whatever you do, make sure the game works properly with supported wheels, well, pcars failed that, along with the questionable physics and general quality of the game, so I personally don't have any hopes for pcars2, or anything that SMS build as they're either incompetent or are deliberately building semi operational games in a bid to get repeat business for their next "working" title.....me, I'll believe it when I see it.
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  13. DayGlow

    Hired Goon Premium

    I'm not surprised the point flew right over your head.
  14. Ryan Soucy

    Ryan Soucy

    You're about 1/2 right there. A 6 minute video where a 3 sentence post would have been appropriate falls into the category of "saying something without saying something".
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  15. DayGlow

    Hired Goon Premium

    I don't know. Sometimes you have to hammer a point. This forum is a prime example that some people have trouble just letting go.
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  16. Who is this guy anyway?
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  18. We want good games, at least some of us do, and from my POV, I'm especially dismayed as I know that talented people are out there who could fix/build proper games but the devs WON'T employ them as realism, mathematical precision and a proper working game aren't a part of their business plan.

    This is the truly annoying thing, the talented individuals have gotten better over time{even Neils H has improved dramatically from the rf1 days}, yet Neils can only be employed part time by the feel of it, and equally as talented people like Chronus can't get employment at all.
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  19. Jeff Huber

    Jeff Huber

    If you have ever watched any of Matt's video's , he does the exact same thing. It wasn't just a " I'm not playing it any more...so sorry ". He went on a small little speech as to why , and tried to explain it the best way he could without slamming SMS. It's what he " didn't " say , but you know damn well what it was all about.

    Over on the project cars website , I saw a lot of arguing going on between a certain group pf guys ( a few members-backers / mods ) against a lot of just regular members. A lot of those members may not of been around during the backing days , but STILL PAID on their steam account to get a SMS title. A lot of those guys feel disappointed in the sim and some of the bugs it has......but get the door slammed in their face for even asking a simple question.

    That right there....will sooner or later deplete the customer base and it doesn't matter what anyone else may think.

    If you take the forums of iracing , GSCE , and RF2......those developers listen to their players. Gawd....Reiza studio's are actually setting the bar for this! They communicate the way they not only should , but way above and beyond of what they are asked to do. They also treat people with respect.

    The AC forums can get a little rough at times I see too , but they DO keep working on the actual sim physic's and so forth , instead of just painting skins or making some new car.

    iracing has what?....50,000 members or something like that? And it's because they don't only listen , but have an incredible MP platform. It is crazy how detailed that sim is. And with sims like GSCE , RF2 and AC......they are an open modded sim by the community on top of what the developers create.

    Pcars does just the opposite of everything I just listed! They don't take criticism well at all , you can't do any modding except make a skin , and from all the complaints the online MP racing can be a complete mess on the PC user side.

    Like I was trying to say in my first post....I actually have fun in Pcars. But I mostly just race the Ai and I'm on one big 34" 3440 X 1440 monitor. So I haven't run into a lot of the same issues others have had. BUT.....customer support and getting the bugs worked out of a game means everything in the public's eyes.

    I feel bad for all the new users , but especially for the guys who backed this game from the beginning and are now told to " Shut up and enjoy it....or don't play it " type attitude.

    Maybe the Developers , a few of the mods and original backers should go visit the forums of GSCE , RF2 and iracing to see how customers should be treated? They might get a hint as to why those fan base's keep growing.....and maybe why their's is starting to dwindle on the PC user side of things.
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2015
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