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eMail notification failure? (general)

Discussion in 'Site Feedback & Support' started by Nils Ruwisch, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    saw the other thread concerning this topic but I have another problem (it is not only me).
    I do not receive any mail notification. I tried different mail addresses and checked the spam folders of the accounts.
    I am not getting notified neither when using the "forgotten password" function nor when using the "notify me when I receive a PM" (instant notification activated). A buddy of mine has the same problems.
    Did we overlook something?

    Thanks a bunch
  2. Hello :)

    Same problem.

    I received several emails some minutes ago, it's about answer of 3 days ago.
    I looked for the best forum-place to explain this problem and I saw your message :)

    Nevertheless I also activated the "instant notification".
    I noticed this problem for approximately 15 days, I thought that it was a temporary problem thus I had said nothing previously ;)

  3. I also received some notification mails now.
    Let's hope the problem is fixed now. :)
  4. i`m also getting this problem, i have mine set for instant notification but it takes days to recive any emails :(
  5. ok all seems back to normal again, i got 2 days worth on notifications this morning and am getting instant emails now :good:
  6. :) :)
  7. Hello,

    same problem again since 2 days (6 hours of delay approx).
  8. I'll take a look at it again.
  9. I checked and I dont seem to have any issues? (just send an email to yourself from RD). I get it right away? Anyone else has that problem?
  10. Hello Eric,

    Yes I have received the mail "Reply thread" (here) without problem this day :smile-big:
  11. ihave NEVER gotten e-mail notification from Day 1. Have instant notification selected yet never receive anything.

    Been so long I have just grown used to it I guess.
  12. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    And you have filled in your want to receive mails and provided a working emailaddress?
  13. LOL Bram. you and I went a loooong way on this back when. No joy my man. YOu had said that COMCAST was troublesome for some reason.

    I have selected instant e-mail notification and use the saem addy I Have had for years now.

    Dunno why it doesn't work, and honestly, doesn't matter anymore for me I have become used to just checking in periodically.

    EDIT; looked in my list of subscriptions and see that NONE of them have a check mark in the "instant notifcation" box. hhhmmmmm

    When I checked my options control in USER CP I found "instant notification " selected. The text says I can set up 'Automatically subscribing" to any thread I view but can;t find where to check that option.

    can ya point a brother to the spot please?