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Elevation road

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by pelato, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Hi guys! I need help on how to change the elevation of the circuit,
    such as, for example, a circuit that extends between the hills or mountains.
  2. Personally I use google earth (path tool) then export it as a .kml and the add the elevation data with 3DRouteBuilder (Full version). Its quite accurate :)

  3. Thank you man, but my track it's a fantasy track!
    I know google earth tools, but I used for real track.
  4. Thank you guys! I solved the problem by myself!
  5. Sorry, been away...
    'Y' or Shift Y & select nodes in 1 of 2 lower windows did it for you?
    You can also right click & play with the smoothing options too, both smoothing &/or spreading lumps....
    If it's meant to be an open road but is built with minimal amount of nodes you can also use the shaping tool to give it some rise & fall rather than a dead-flat stretch of road even if it's going up or down a slight rise...