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Electronic Flags + No Starting Red Lights + No Wrong Way Sign

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by neuer31, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Based on Italien83 + Reddvers Electronic Flags Mod (with his permission)
    What this mod does:
    ++ No Red Start Lights ++
    ++ No Wrong Way Sign ++
    ++ Uses Electronic Flags (by Italien83 and Reddvers see here) ++
    ++ Racedepartment: here ++
    ++ Mediafire: here ++
    Distribution or modifying (and then publish) only with permission of Neuer31 & Reddvers
    Without Electronic Flags:
    ++ here ++
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  2. Do you want a mod without the electronic flag ... just write it in the comments!
  3. yes pls
  4. ok i will do it
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  5. GJ on the mod, I'm using it right now!!
  6. Very nice, going to use it from now on! :DThanks for this.
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  7. No Problem :roflmao:
  8. Very nice mod.

    Thank you.

  9. You're using Reddvers updated track mod too, correct?

    Thanks for this.
  10. Yeah i plan to use it but i had to redownload my game .. so at the moment his package is not in ...

    This is the full list of Mods i use:
    ++Pirelli Tires 2012 by vlasovas
    ++All cars (except McLaren) by ML2166
    ++Vettel + MSC Helmets (pack 1) by ML2166
    ++ RedBull (Diamond Ed.) + McLaren (Suzuka) by Rian Speed
    ++ElectronicFlags by reddvers
    ++Suzuka Track Update by reddvers
  11. Interesting mod, I'm using it now because I ABHOR that wavy flag CM used in 2012. I like things square.

    And the start lights, I admit they catch me off guard, but heck it's way more fun to look at the lights no matter how far. Except my aerial keeps getting in the way often!
  12. For me was important to have more realisme. ...
    FOr more realisme we should also remove the flags .... but then im not sure if people can see the waved flags (or on the wheel)... perhaps i will do it .l.. but its the question who is interested in???
  13. Well, if the radio-man was enthusiastic about telling me what I should do, then yes, flags could be removed.

    But at the moment, no.

    Waved flags are irrecognizable on most tracks, and the steering wheel gets overridden sometimes.
  14. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    Hey Guys!

    Could someone ( i know its like a request, but based on this mod ) update (improve) that mod?

    I saw on F1Pole a mod with new OSD and i dont like most of it, just one thing i LOVE: The new KERS design.

    Could someone add it in here? Because i dont want to have that DRS of F1 Pole, and i want to have the no loghts and so on.

    Thank you

    PS: Where is the search function? It is away by me :(
  15. This Mod is so awesome, thank you very much :)
  16. Can you fix the Qualifying 5 minute info bar? Make it higher or something else. Theres been situations where I couldnt see the apex etc because of that (T-Cam)
  17. neuer31

    I really like this mod, but I just have one special request, and would really appreciate if you could do this. Only if you have time (I don't know how long this stuff takes).

    I would like one the same as the current mod (electronic flags, no wrong way, no start lights), but with the start lights kept in.

    So basically I want:
    Electronic flags
    No wrong way sign

    I don't want:
    No red start lights

    If you could do this, it would be great. Keep up the good work!
  18. @ All:

    I will also do this mod in F1 2013 !!!
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