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Electric cars?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Crayfish, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Was wondering if there are any mods that simulate electric cars? There are quite a few electric sports cars now, and a few sporty road going electric cars like the Tesla Roadster. Im very curious to drive one of these vehicles dues to thier unique characteristics like generating all thier Torque at 0 rpms, and having no transmission.
  2. I'm tempted to modify some existing mods to achieve this, but I think we're quite limited. A lot of electric sports cars are opting for seperate motors on each side, which I don't believe we can simulate in rFactor.
  3. Just give the car a lot of torque (3000ft-lbs, yes that's a real figure), no back tourque, one gear (like a 4th gear ratio) and no rev limit in the "engine.ini file". Oh and you'll need to modify the sound files. Electric race motors do have some sound. May use a Formula One max RPM sound.

    Listen here

  4. Interesting input guys, thanks. Very nicely writen piece Rhys, I'll have to look up some of yourother articles.
  5. Thank you Crayfish. :)

    Unfortunately, with the multitude of front page updates over the last two years, a lot of them are gone save for my SuperLeague Formula 2009 review and a couple of others. I still have the original files on my computer though... I may have to upload them somewhere for old time's sake.
  6. Rhys amybe if someone (*cough, cough) me made the model we could use your files and physics =o)